Edit Characters

1 month ago

Many times now, I've found that I created a character but then wished to change their voice or switch their backstory around or tweak them in some other way. And yet, when I go to try, the only options I have are to delete the character, to grit my teeth and bare through my previous choices, or to basically make the same character over again except for that change. I suggest then that there should be a way to edit characters, especially before they are placed into an adventure.

If a concern for why this was not an option at this time is that it could impact the campaign, then perhaps it could be arranged so that only full editing can be done before a character's part of a campaign then have the editing restricted to cosmetic changes afterwards. It would be a lifesaver for those of us that find before we start a campaign that one of our party's not quite right for the story we want to tell or find the choices we made initally immersion breaking as we proceed along.

Would you please at least consider this?

"The choices of one affects the fates of all"-Timothy Zhan