Economy is too forgiving

Level 6
4 months ago

Feedback suggestion: Decrease the return of selling items, and increase the cost of buying items.

Background: On all my play throughs so far, by the time I get back from the second mission (Wizard Tower, to find proof of Soraks) and selling my loot, my parties’ have too much gold. I believe it’s too much, because I can buy the best weapons and armour, all the best potions, a huge surplus of rations, and still have multiple 1000s of gold left over. I don’t think being so wealthy at such an early stage is good for the game, as it takes all the resource management and financial prioritisation out of the game and it belittles your crafting returns. This wealth may be reduced if you had to buy magical gear, but you also find so much magical gear adventuring that it’s unnecessary to buy more.

Level 8
4 months ago

Your experience here is vastly different from mine. The only magical armors I’ve come across are light armors (2 suits of +1 leather), a magical shield (bought from faction vendors and kinda pricey), and some a magical short sword and dagger are all that come to mind aside from consumables like potions and arrows. And then there’s tons of expensive stuff on a different faction vendor and expensive spells on yet another faction vendor. I wasn‘t really feeling like I was rolling magical gear and/or cash on either playthrough. And tried not to leave any stone unturned or chest unopened along the way...

Level 5
4 months ago

The game is pretty linear; hence the economy has to be forgiving or else one will be stuck trying to farm road trip encounters just to make a few bucks to buy gear. I think the commerce set up is just about right.