Economy and Action Economy

Level 5
2 weeks ago

Done two play-throughs on the Spring Update. There's far too much money in the game. Towards the end of the second play-through, I sold all the stuff I was never going to use, primarily Raise Dead scrolls and various poisons, and had 30K gold. That's seven stat improvement tomes (since you can buy each one an unlimited number of times). That sort of money will make balancing the game very difficult. (The party's ranger had a dex of 26!)

I would also note that the nature of the magic weapons you craft along with the poison for weapons unbalances the action economy of 5E. When a magic weapon also does an additional dice of damage (whether cold, acid, radiant, or lightning), that sharply increases the damage a character, particularly fighter-types with extra attacks or two-weapon fighting or hasted, can do in a round. Again, going to make game balance difficult.