Early Access Launch - Known Issues

2 years ago (edited)

My list of notable issues, sorry if these were mentioned before:

  • Character descriptions don't list details about the choice you made. It seems natural to me that I should be able to review the "character sheet" and see every detail (mathematical or otherwise) about level-up choices made in the past.
  • After crafting a doom rapier -- it had no apparent effect (identify didn't find anything either)
  • Feats that give +1 to an attribute don't give that +1
  • Levitate is very quirky/buggy in general. If cast on a character and they are on the ground they cant climb or go to places they normally could -- not sure if thats intentional. When a character is levitated to a higher point they cannot walk onto that higher level from the spot in the air (sometimes they can, but its not consistent).
  • After opening up a faction level with the Arcaneum, the items lost red "Faction" restriction but were unable to be bought (grayed out). I had to leave the city, travel for a while, then come back before they were available.
  • Magic items bought from the Arcaneum become unidentified after purchase.
  • Channel Divinity: Sacred Weapon does nothing
  • When you have a very big inventory (total items) that goes beyond the first page, and then you attempt to drag items from the ground, you will end up dragging the item behind it from the inventory. Work around: scroll to the bottom of inventory. 
  • Wearing a CON boosting item does not increase hit points retroactively as it should.
  • Melee on melee around corners, the monster can attack the player but sometimes the player cannot attack the monster: "You cannot see this target".

Level 1
2 years ago
  1. Crafting resources do not appear to be consumed during the travel phase. I have SOOOOO many potions on my eternal font of magnesium.
  2. SPOILERS I just finished a fight at the dig site versus the warriors with Divine Favor cast on my paladin's greatsword. During the conversation that followed, the outline of the spell over the sword was clearly visible in his hand as he gestured.

Cheers, Panthermagi

Level 10
2 years ago (edited)

Found some new bugs, some of them could be intentional, if anyone knows more, please confirm:

  • Fighting an enemy who is in Bright Light gives disadvantage
  • Enemies standing right next to, or in a Flaming Sphere are in "dim light"
  • You can still miss Manalamps with spells, even though the 0.33 patch notes said this was fixed
  • An emerald worth 100 gold according to description will only sell for 63 gold. This is true for all gems. Is this a faction thing? I have Sympathy with Principality of Masgarth
  • When you return from Tower of Magic, Lord Carran appears to be both in the tavern and the council, but you can only talk to him in the tavern
  • Quest: Alwin Merton's Story cannot be completed, even after talking to Annie, the quest remains in the quest log, and she still has an exclamation mark over her head both in the game world and on the map. You cannot talk to her again about this.
  • Quest: Quest for Information (Tower of Magic) remains in the quest log even if you fail it
  • Crafting: Scroll of Fog Cloud requires the Jump spell
  • Factions: Church of Einar does not appear in the Factions overview

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2 years ago

Dark vision spell doesn t work

2 years ago (edited)

Can no longer make healing potions as my cleric doesn't have cure wounds even though its prepared and I can't light torchs on the walls using firebolt yet candles and torchs still work. Also cleric of oblivion peaceful rest ability seems to still make the party surpised.in camp though i could be wrong as encounters may have decreased because of it.

2 years ago

sacred weapon ability (oath channel divinity option) for my paladin doesn't seem to work - he invokes it, but when he rolls to attack there is no CHA bonus on attack (and no light is shed).

2 years ago

Not only that, but the paladin's turn undead doesn't seem to  work either - no saves were made (the creatures were definitely within 30 foot).

2 years ago


Thank you for this great game.
I am having some problems:
I would like to change the keys on the keyboard because I have an azerty keyboard and it's really unplayable. I couldn't find how to do it in the game menu.
In the magic tower I can't climb some ladders. I am told that some places are inaccessible when a priori it is enough to climb a ladder. Is this a bug or is there a subtlety that I did not find?
Thank you for your answers.

2 years ago

Bane & Bless appear bugged, neither are applying d4 modifiers to attacks

2 years ago

Minor bug, there's a typo in the Tutorial:Crafting pop-up. Second paragraph

"Crafting is performed while travelling, when your party has setup camp but it not yet sleeping."

Later in the crafting tutorial, Crafting Recipes: "Finally, to craft and item, you need to now which ingredients to combine."

now should be know.

2 years ago

Also when crafting: It seems if you have at least 2 of each item needed, they're not removed. So you can craft an infinite amount

Same goes for Goodberries, they don't disappear after 24 hours

2 years ago (edited)

1.)  Items keep disappearing in my inventory.  It seems to more often happen when my inventory cells are full and I have to add more by dropping in an item.  This has happened to a morningstar, stacks of rubies, crafting ingredients, rations and more.  Hitting reorder inventory seems to be related to this issue.  It's a big problem.

2.)  I scribed acid arrow to my wizard's spellbook and then I couldn't use it or see it anywhere.  I lost the scroll and it was like I had done nothing.  It took my 50 gold for scribing though.

3.)   Torches seem to burn down incredibly fast at the undead castle location.  As in, they barely last a minute or two of real-time. 

4.)   Bug or design choice?  You get no experience for talking your way past a fight?  Are you serious?

5.)  Proxy spells, like Flaming Sphere and Spiritual Hammer,  are not rolling their damage dice.  They just say their damage in the combat log with no lovely dice rolls. 

EDIT:  I apologize.  This was not meant to be posted in this exact thread.  Should have been elsewhere in the bug thread.

2 years ago

My computer keeps crashing after 5 minutes of play. I am only in the the tutorial sessions. Do you want me to send you any information? what commands and files would you want from me?

2 years ago

Upcasting spells doesn't seem to work (lvl 2 Bless should affect 4 targets), nor can I cast a lower level spell from a higher level slot say Faerie fire using a 2nd level slot.

Level 10
2 years ago (edited)

New bugs encountered:

  1. When your rations have run out, you cannot long rest and you cannot travel back, and there is no way to gain new rations during a quest. I have also created a thread for this, please read for more info.
  2. Since the new patch, several of my identified magic items (Handy Haversack and +1 Leather Armor) have gone back to unidentified, despite being equipped.
  3. Gemstones still only sell for a fraction of their worth in the description (e.g. "This can be sold for 100 gp" - vendor only offers 20 gp)

A hoopy frood who really knows where his towel is.