Early access day 2 - Suggestions

Level 3
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4 months ago (edited)

1) Add a total ration counter somewhere in the inventory screen so we can better tell how many we have before we leave town.

2) Add indicator of how much a room at the inn costs somewhere (over the dialog choice maybe if you don't want a second confirmation).

3) Allow us to move through an ally square when they are prone/downed at half speed/double movement cost (for non-halflings, already can with no speed penalty with halflings like you should be able to).  I wanted to reposition around a teammate without drawing an Attack of opportunity from an enemy and couldn't since I couldn't go through my ally's square, but I have been able to go through ally squares with non-halflings other times.  Is there a way to force your own movement path?  If not please add one, I'll have to test if Shift or something allows you to do this.

4) If you return to Caer Lem you can't get into the tower or go back to the Secret caves, I was hoping to go back and loot some chests I missed.  Please let us go through/back.

5) Show more damage information in the combat log (especially if the enemy is resistant to damage).  Ideally this would show the full roll information (what each damage die rolled + modifiers).

6) Show advantage/disadvantage dropped die somewhere in the battle log (maybe only when you hover).

7) Add some kind of border/indication for the boundary of where you can misty step to.  This also applies to some other spells that target a surface like Spiritual Weapon.

8) Please keep combat paused if we have harmful AOE affects still up (eg. Flaming Sphere) so we can properly move allies out of the way after battle/remove concentration on them easily without scrambling/potentially killing our own allies.  Or at least add this as an option somewhere to keep it paused in this type of scenario.

9) Church of Einar should be listed on the Faction UI somewhere or have some indication if it's part of a large faction.

10) Sneak attack should be toggle-able in some fashion (default to being toggled on).  This way you can choose to attack an enemy you are next to normally (without sneak attack) and then move to another enemy and attack them with sneak attack (assuming both are in positions you can sneak attack).  It's a rare-ish occurrence but it should be available for rogues that dual-wield, or to help handle Multi-classing if you implement it :).

Level 13
4 months ago

Yes, to point 9: The Church of Einar seems quite strange, they never get mentioned when all the other 6 faction representatives talk to you after your return. Yet you can return relics to their representative and get a popup of increased reputation, but the faction appears nowhere...