EA Walkthrough bug report

Level 1
1 year ago (edited)

I'll edit the thread if i notice anything more in the future.

* Casting a concentration spell while already having a concentration action doesn't work as intended: the tooltip does appear, but when choosing to suppress the first effect to let the new one occur, it doesn't do as intended: the first effect doesn't disappear and the second one thus isn't applied. (found while using Dancing Light a second time)

* Not a bug but a "bad behavior": Dancing Light can't be moved over chasms, which is strange due to the floating behavior it should have. Being able to move it during pillar fights should be a thing, since that's a situation that may arise quite often.

* Interactions with elements may not make the element disappear/move, but the interaction may be consumed, from time to time (seen with wood pillars in the Library); it results in being stuck.

* Probably already noticed: elements supporting a particular chest in the Library aren't yet implemented; ladder and floor are considered decor, having no physics attached to them (and thus no interaction).

* At some point , after few hours playing without exiting the game, strange things began to happen during the last part of the playthrough: in the maze of the castle, right before the end room, it took a lot of time before a character uses the interaction animation (with items on the grounds or interactable elements alike), and empty stashes on the ground wouldn't disappear. Saving was also disabled, as if some special game loop wasn't terminated when it should have been.

* Learning a crafting recipe you already have is possible, resulting in the loss of the recipe object without any benefit.

Edit 1:

* Items in bags going under the looted items will still be open for interactions; Trying to click on a loot item will pick an item from the bag instead (ie bags filled more than what's visible on the scrolled up bag).

* Unidentified items will stack with their identified counterparts (potions & ammo); but instead of identifying the new one ("Oh it has the same magical resonance!"), they all become unindentified.

* Not a bug but a suggestion: due to the increasingly high amount of different ingredients, they should be 1) fully stackable (5 is far from being enough) and 2) somehow separated from the overall bag (ingredient bag ?); micromanagement for potion-making is just too tiring at the moment.

Edit 2:

* Food found during exploration is automatically filling the bag of the character making the check. It is so even if that makes him/her encumbered and nobody else would be by transfering part or all of it to another character. It's bad because you can't access inventory while travelling.

* Travel micromanagement: it's not possible right now, because once you accept a travel route and options, there is no way to change them (even if you begin to be thin on rations, if you want to change the equipment of your team, or have a chage of heart and want to go back in the middle of the expedition).

* Feats and co: many feats gives +1 to a stat, in combination with other bonuses. Sometimes you really want those bonuses (ex: Sylvan archer for this neat covert erasing). But with how stats are being in 5e and how you an build from scratch a character, you may well get a 20 head-start in the stat already (in this particular case, elf or halfling are usual choices for ranged-focused classes, with +2 dex). It would be nice to have a stat choice for feats like this one scratching an itch for a specific build.

Level 1
1 year ago (edited)

Following the winter update:

* Flaming sphere spell works in a very strange way. No save/damage whatsoever when anybody, friend or foe, cross its path (be it the overall 3x3 square or the central tile); making it appear onto an ennemy doesn't do a thing either. It seems the effect just isn't applied at all until you finish your turn in its effect, making it quite bad for anything but "soft" area control.

Edit: checking how flaming sphere works in 5e it's working how it's supposed to be, my bad on this one; still, the quirks to be able to use it even half-efficiently are so restrictive that it's really not worth taking, even with a Shock wizard. Even centered on my tank surrounded by 5 zombies, their AI was enough so that only 1 took damage from it. Usually you'll hurt more your allies than your ennemies, and the crowd control of the spell will be negligible due to how it proceeds. For a 2nd level spell it's just bad (and that's quite sad, i'd like to have alternatives to Magic missile or Scorching ray).

* Doubling on my precedent post, choice should be available between getting more food, limiting it up to a number (per-character even better); it's even more so with a Ranger who took Goodberries, because you can't unlearn it, and your stash of food will only grow at this point. (edit: somewhat limited by choosing to use goodberries or not, but not harvesting food should be an option too)

* Bulk identification is needed, a lot. And should be possible during short rests, and from different characters at the same time should the party have more than one. At this point, identifying 20 +1 arrows takes 200 minutes ingame, and if you don't do it there's no way to stack them (and so they take 20 spaces in your backpack).

* Cantrip reaction is plain bugged: you can't choose which cantrip use, and there's no AI controlling it. The first cantrip of your list will be used, whatever it does. I can't choose between Firebolt and Shadow dagger on my first wizard, and my second one only uses... Sparkles! Yes, in a fight, when an ennemy appear, even if there's nothing to light up.

Note: no salt here, you guys are doing great ;-)

Edit 2:

* Regarding bulk identification, it's possible to stack ammunition if you have an empty "ammo to use" space and transfer the unidentified items, strangely they do stack this time. It doesn't work for potions though.

* Comprehend language effet is defined as a "dedrimental condition", that's weird, probably a typo. I have yet to test how the effect works.

* Some bugs in ennemy behavior if you choose to fight the "necro boss": one of his skeleton enforcers was considered an ennemy but in our PCs side (ie green), and so didn't do anything but run around (he was basically allied with everyone i guess), and the skeleton archer was stuck behind an invisible wall, and thus unable to attack or be attacked. Both don't affect the fight end fortunately, they are destroyed when the last of the other ennemies die.

* The Staff of Fire (Arcaneum reputation item) is quite bugged: Burning Hands works as intended, Wall of Fire just targets a huge circular area but doesn't do anything, using 2 charges (instead of the listed 4), and Fireball just... doesn't consume any charge from time to time.

* Bracers of Archery seems to add damage to any piercing attack, not only those of bows (perhaps if a bow is present in any of the 3 weapon sets), and their damage is also doubled in case of a critical hit (i have just noticed that when using a rapier, but the +2 damage was also her ewhen using a dagger.
Strange thing, it seems the damage is not additive with Colossus damage, it appears they don't stack (intended or not ?)

Level 1
1 year ago (edited)

After Winter update fix, doing another run:

* Enemy state can be weird in the log; i got a "Goblin skirmisher is now Dead/Goblin skirmisher is no longer Dead/Goblin skirmisher is now dead" message from ne instance of damage/death only. Resurrection followed by suicide isn't something implemented i hope.
It does so for every gobln death.

* I haven't tested it again, but lvl 2 feature from the Oblivion cleric doesn't work well; it says the character can't be surprised when ambushed on a resting place, but this part wasn't working.

* Not a bug, more of a balancing thing: Green mage feels very underwhelming. I can see how the lore subclass can be useful (would you craft a lot or want to get every knowledge check right), but apart from that there's no rel reason not to go for Shock arcanist right now. Bow attacks won't be as good as a cantrip in terms of damage (and honestly most races chosen for the wizard will get some ranged proficiency already), and the spell selection isn't as exciting after trying it as i expected it to be. Sure some can be nice, but none was a gamechanger for me (i expected Faery fire to be better for instance, but friendly fire damages it way too much)

* When defeating an ennemy, the tile he was standing on can't be moved to directly, one has to go to another selection menu (abilities etc) then go back and the tile will be available. (edit: it can now be reached but it's quite clunky, you have to move the cursor around a bit to find the right spot to be able to move. As if the corpse is still somewhat targetable)


* Light globes in the Crown Room can't be lit, no matter how many times you splash them with Sparkle cantrips. The same is also true for any torch in the Dark Castle, Sparkle isn't able to light them. Firebolt is still able to do the job done though.

* Successful saves against Paralyzed status outside of combat don't do anything, the effect still remains as it is, all that being annoying as the character can't move, can't rest, and can only wait until the effect fades.

* Angbi bones cannot be given anymore, as part of the "fix" to prevent Antiquarian speaking lockdown. As such, quest cannot be completed anymore.

* Acid arrow still inflicts damage even if it misses the target (i know, splash damage and all, but that's more annoying than anything, as it's a minimum of 4 damage). And seeing how necromancers love to spam it, that's quite gamebreaking.

* Stabilisation successes sometimes aren't accounted for while a character is in the dying condition (for me it was when at 1 success and 1 failure, then the next success wasn't taken into account)

Edit 2 :

* Create food isn't used when travelling like goodberries are (i checked, the option is ON in the travelling menu, but the spell isn't cast at all before resting). And when you use it on a map, the food created disappears after a while (24 hours ? Not sure exactly)

* After aquiring the gem in the dark castle, dialogue implies that you have to go back to Caer Caeflyn and assemble it to the crown. Instead, nothing is unlocked in the capital, you can only continue on the next leg of the journey.

Level 1
1 year ago (edited)

New content (winter update) :

* Most torches of this content can't be targeted by spells, and have to be manually lit (with a torch/candle).
* "Imperial Mage Report" item is present twice in the same basket.
* Exiting the aura of protection from a war priest pops up each time for each character "NAME is no longer Aura of Protection", which is flooding the log report as soon as you move a few meters. Disabling the notification out of combat would be good.
* In the ruins near the Magic Tower, one basket is submerged under water and can't be reached.
* After the fight with vampire broods at the entrance, many broods spawn inside the ruins each night (and thus if you fight them during the day, they'll constantly take damage due to being out in the sun - staying quietly outside when the sun comes seems a bit strange for vampires); that could easily lead to an xp grind exploit. Enemies in this part can also easily get stuck during their movement (by other enemies mostly) and may just freeze the fight: spot is notified here: https://ibb.co/QfRs6g1. Again in those fights, enemies not getting the initial aggro from the combat start will not join the fight even if they are attacked (not sure if that's the case on other maps too, if that's the case that's a major glitch in term of exploits).
* When fighting in the south-eastern ruins of this area (against the broods), they can use some platforms even if you've already collapsed the ceiling and pillars on them. Enemies will sometimes get stuck in those, if you have one character staying over them on the pillar.
* BUG: when you cast fly on an incapacitated creature (like one who fell on the ground and hasn't gone up yet), the getting-up animation happens when the spell is cast, but the effect isn't removed, meaning he's constantly incapacitated.