Dwarven Hammer

Level 4
4 months ago

I got a Dwarven Hammer as a notice board quest item from the Lava Forest. When I turned the quest in at the notice board, the Hammer started in my inventory and just has a description it's under a spell and my characters may just not be worthy. 

Does it require a dwarf character to use it or ??? I can't sell it because it's tagged as a quest item. 

Level 7
4 months ago

I noticed that too and I have a full (4) team of dwarves! I think the only bug was that it was not removed from my inventory when I returned to the Quest Board after finishing the quest. Unfortunately, I forgot which quest I received on it from.

Level 5
Kickstarter Backer
4 months ago

Did not have any dwarves in my party but the item also stayed in my inventory after finishing the quest.