Dungeon Maker - Xbox

Level 3
5 months ago

Are there any plans to implement Dungeon Maker for the console?  Not just using the stuff made by others, but to be able to create content using the console version?  My PC is a potato, and I use the Microsoft Rewards program to build up points and purchase extras.  So, I have a fully decked out Solasta, but only on Xbox.  Sure, I can run it through Gamepass on PC, but, again, potato.  One of my favorite things about the old Neverwinter Nights was to make content, and I provided it to a friend who had the servers and hardware to run an online game (and it was always packed with players as a result).  Players constantly ran my content over and over, always asking for even more stuff to run through.

So, I'd love to get back into doing that, however, I am on a fixed income at this point, and cannot afford to upgrade my PC.  My current PC takes about 3-5 minutes to load what I am working on to playtest, and then, with only the most rudimentary objects and such, is basically a slide show.  However, on my Xbox, the game runs smoother than silk.  I could easily make content nearly nonstop with zero hitches.  Great game, would be a shame to only include PC players for making even more stuff for it.  Is it in the plans for doing so?  Surely there is a way to save the works in progress to the local console until such a time as they are finished, then could upload them for others to enjoy.