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I'm really liking the dungeon maker so far.  It's quick, simple and the keyboard shortcuts are awesome.  I dove right in and created a Dungeon hub with 8 connected maps already.

1) Need a way to set your playtest party

- The pregens that are currently used work ok except they revert to level 1 each time you close the game.  So testing higher level dungeons is a bit of a pain since you essentially can't do it through the 'Playtest' button without having to level the pregens over and over again (especailly frustrating when running into somewhat crashes with linked dungeons).

2) Need a way to skip combats to test other parts of the dungeon https://ometv.onl https://chatroulette.top https://omegle.wtf https://bazoocam.cam

- It would be good to get the dev cheat codes to kill all monsters when running the dungeon maker playtest.  It's a slog to go through each combat when testing other aspects of your dungeons.  I've tried making a high level party for this purpose but it's still tedious.

3) Need a scroll bar for connected dungeons

- I'm trying to make a dungeon hub that allows players to come back to a central location each time before starting a new dungeon.  It already has more dungeons than fit on the UI.

4) Add typeable filters when selecting items/monsters

- This is somewhat more important for items since some of the lists are incredibly large

-  I would love to be able to type in 'Skeleton' on monsters and get the list of all skeletons in the bestiary

5) More furnished/preset rooms (maybe a way to add a room as a preset yourself?)

- The furnished rooms are quite helpful, having more in there would speed up dungeon creation a lot.  Being able to make your own presets would be great too!

6) Enable the full Solasta bestiary

- I noticed there are a few enemy types that I've seen in my main campaign playthroughs that aren't available to put in the dungeonmaker (No orc beserker was noticable, I'm sure there are more!).  I can understand not wanting to spoil main story elements monsters or if some have particular AI that won't work well in the dungeon maker but please enable what you can!

7) Add the things already on your todo list :)

- Quest systems, dialogs, merchants, more environments, more room shapes, more props.  These will all be important for making small campaigns!

8) Add more interactable items

- Part of what makes the main Solasta campaign combat more interesting is the amount of interactable items that can influence combat (rocks, chandeliers etc.).  Without verticality this is tough, but adding in say the chandelier or other ways you could change the combat layout would be useful.

- While not interactable adding some 'debris' that is just difficult terrain instead of impassable would also be good.

9) Add ability to name individual monsters/npcs

10) Display the CR of a monster in the 'Selected Gadget'

11) Add a way to view the full Bestiary information of a monster from within the dungeon maker

12) Add bigger doors

- Players can use doorways as chokepoints/abuse enemy melee AI since the doorway is only 2 spaces wide right now.

13) Look into making short rest danger range more lenient

- I've found it hard to find a place to short rest in the dungeons I created.  Often times I've had to run to a back corner.  Perhaps we need a 'short rest safe' marker of some kind (Do campfires do this?  I want to limit long rests so their not quite ideal to use).

14) Make sneaking less powerful

- This is more of a general difficulty change than Dungeon Maker specific.  It would be useful to have a sight cone multiplier difficulty option to make sneaking less easy to do.  Surprise rounds are very powerful.  The best way I've found to get around this in the dungeon maker is to make enemies right behind doors.  But sneaking is still a little too easy in my opinion so a difficulty option would be great



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Well it sounds like you're still playing with the Beta Dungeon Maker. 

The new one that came with release includes almost all of that. 

1. You cannot make a test party out of your characters, but the Playtest button with the pre-made party now has the cheats. They are in the Menu at the bottom right when you open it up. You can make them invulnerable, Idle the monsters (so they don't attack), and outright kill all in combat enemies. So most of your first 3 points are already in the game now. 

2. Your 4th Point, is also in there, you can now type in the name, and it returns what you want. It says "Enter Keyword" before the blank. 

3. They did not add anymore furnished/preset rooms so you will have to use your own creativity for this, yes its a lot of work, but its better in the end or you just end up looking very generic. 

4. Solasta Bestary has been expanded, Orc Berserkers are in there, as are Orc Shamans, Orc Beastmasters, Orc Chieftains. There's even Dragons and Elementals in there now. There are certain things that are in the code that we haven't seen either in the Toolset nor in game... one of which is the Gargoyle but they may not have fully implemented these yet. 

5. Chandeliers are in as are Stalactites. I share your wish for verticality though. But now there are a LOT of interactable Items... Pushable Blocks, Button Activators, Floor Panel Activators, Area Activators, and even entry activators. 

I suggest you go back and look at the NEW RELEASE Dungeon Maker, as I can tell you have not seen the new client yet. Then come back. It will help you narrow your focus. 

PS: Short rest areas now can be assured if you use the Area Trigger to spawn monsters, rather than placing them on the Map. 


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1 year ago

Torches would be nice. I can find candles to put in a chest, but no scroll of light and no torches for the party. If I want to use the cave tile set, but I WANT it dark, like for Drow Elves for ex...I need light sources for the party and lets face it...candles aint it.

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1 year ago

sort of dragging up an old post and love the new additions to the latest version. 

however, still want to echo:

quest givers / friendly/ neutral NPCs for flavour text. doesnt need to be a branching dialogue (but would be nice) but some interaction that does not require stabbiness would be good

NPCs : expendable or sub-quest / quest essential NPCs would open up a whole new range of options for adventure types (escort the merchant, kidnap the noble, free the slaves etc)

Named monsters: standard monster models that can be renamed so they stand out once "identified" (unknown creature or "Orc" before that, links to neutral NPCs for flavour text)

Custom monsters:

"races" with an option for classes - Orc beserkers that use spears and have Paladin levels for example

Abberations: an Ogre with scaled skin so they get an AC bonus and an associated CR bump

Cosmetic: grey goblins, orange orcs with funny haircuts etc. monster models that can be loaded into the character editor UI and customised and saved back for use in a scenario (downloaded template embedded in the scenario?)

- crafting: recipe = ability , primed weapon + ability = magic item.  longsword of levitation? ability to combine abilities (each +1 = 1 oil of acuteness up to 5) with a failure having a chance to destroy the item completely so adding more abilities before "finalising" the item adds more risk of waste.