Dungeon Maker - Knowldege Trigger bug

Level 8
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2 years ago

Hello there,
Sorry if it was already reported. The "trigger" knowledge seems to be not working while the groupe is in stealth mode. However, works perfectly when groupe is not.

+ Dungeon maker need "custom size/shape" for that kind of trigger (traps too) it's a bit restrictive to force the player to walk trough this trigger for now. But The dungeon maker is pretty efficient so far. good job ! Can't wait to see more about it :)

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Level 1
2 years ago

Hopefully this isn't a problem, I'm reposting from the Map Maker section as this is related to Lore Areas not triggering, too.

So, I've encountered a bugbear, it seems. It pertains to Lore Areas in linked dungeons. Upon testing it seems that if a lore area is placed adjacent, or within 1 square, of an entrance from a another level the lore area wont trigger. I've created a few test maps to see if this was just happening on my original dungeon, and it is not. In my testing any time you transition into another dungeon adjacent Lore Areas wont trigger.