Dungeon Maker bugs

Level 4
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2 years ago (edited)

1) With linked dungeons, if you don't kill monsters they often spawn on a previous linked dungeon.

For example I have an empty map A that links to map B with monsters.  I go from map A to map B but decide I want to go right back to map A without fighting anything.  Map A now has some of the monsters from map B.  It seems like they monsters spawn in the X/Y coordinates of where they should be on map B but instead are showing up on map A.

I've actually had a monster spawn inside a wall because of this.

2) With linked dungeons, CR loot chests seem to be using the loot table chests from a different map.  E.g. I have map A as a staging area with some chests with items so you can equip your characters however you want.  However, CR X loot chests on a linked Map B (actually seems to be any linked map) use the contents of chests on map A instead of their own randomized loot.  It seems to be once this has happened, if I try to go back to Map A from Map B the game crashes with the corrupt data message.

3) Goblin cutthroats have +15 to hit with scimitar (normal +5 with it's ranged weapons though if you look at the bestiary).  I already made a thread for this.

4) After opening a secret door I could climb to top of the edge of the doorway.  Only saw this once, haven't tried to repeat it yet.

5) You can soft lock in combat when using the 'Wall with Crawl Hole'.  Players can't get to the other side, and large monsters won't squeeze through it.  I had an issue where some wolves joined another combat when they were behind the crawl hole but a Dire Wolf couldn't come through.

The combination of 1/2 seems to make my trial at a dungeon hub very unstable right now.  I've uploaded it to nexus mods since each individual dungeon map works.  But the links to the dungeon hub are prone to crashing, the loot chests have wrong items in them often, and monsters 'follow' you back to the hub (where no monsters should spawn).

It might be helpful for you guys to have my created dungeon hub to test these issues out.

You can find the dungeon hub here: