[DUNGEON] [EN & FR] SolastaQuest - A Tribute to HeroQuest

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SOLASTAQUEST - A Tribute to HeroQuest: The March of Morcar
Type : Dungeon Crawler
Lvl : 1
Playtime : ~15h with the Dark Company

(Steam) ENGLISH : All files Required - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2559618260
(Steam) FRENCH : Tous les fichiers Requis - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2559620133

(Nexus) FR + EN : https://www.nexusmods.com/solastacrownofthemagister/mods/151
(Mod.IO) FR + EN : https://solasta.mod.io/solastaquest-a-tribute-to-heroquest-en-fr
Start Map : EN/FR - SQ - map 00

Mod in progress created by SirMadnessTV. This mod is a tribute to the tabletop game HeroQuest; The march of Morcar. An old school Dungeon Crawler. This adaptation required some changes to fit with Solasta as for History, mapping, type of monsters... I tried my best to keep the mood, difficulty and objectives of the base game. Also added few scenarios to fit with the story rewritten and provide litte more flavour. I wish you'll enjoy and have fun ! :)

Known Issues
- The lack of furniture in the dungeon may be a thing. I did chose to stick with the base gameconcidering the lack of space but if there is several request for more furnitures I may reconsider this.
- The recipes : I added few that i supposed would be usefull for the campaign. But the GameEditor so far doesn't allow us to know what is needed for it. So if you really need some specific recipes, if I missed really usefull ones, thank you to tell me + what is needed for it, i'll concidere to add it at some point.
- The English translation : I used google translate and correct it as I could. My english is not very good so if there is big mistakes, just tell me.

Mod créé par SirMadnessTV. Ce Mod est un hommage au jeu de plateau HeroQuest, La Marche de Morcar. Un dungeon crawler old school. Cette adaptation necessitait plusieurs changements concernant entre autres, l'Histoire, les maps, le type de monstres, etc. J'ai essayé au maximum de conserver ce que je pouvais et de retranscrire l'ambiance du jeu original sur Solasta. Quelques scénarios ont été ajoutés. En souhaitant que ça te plaise ! Have Fun :)

Problèmes Connus
- Le Manque d'objets dans les pièces. C'était une question de coller au jeu original ou de rajouter du mobilier partout. Considérant l'espace j'ai choisi de coller au jeu de base. Si plusieurs retours réclament davantage de mobilier je reconsidérerai la question.
- Les Recettes de craft. L'éditeur du jeu ne permet pas pour le moment de connaître les ingrédients. Aussi j'ai placé les recettes qui me semblaient appropriées pour la campagne un peu au pif. Si des recettes particulièrement utiles ont été oublié n'hesite pas à me dire avec en + les ingrédient qu'il faut. J'ajouterai ça à l'occasion.

- Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/myuneffectivemadness
- Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/sirmadnesstv
- Discord : https://discord.gg/qHFYG5m
- Paypal : https://goo.gl/hDbN49
- Tipeee : https://fr.tipeee.com/sirmadness

FR - Merci à ceux qui soutiennent, ça fait vraiment plaisir ! :)
EN - Many Thanks to those who support ! I really appreciate it :)

WORK IN PROGRESS : https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/2559620133/3057366506607657233/
LAST UPDATE : https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/2559620133/3057366506607661056/

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The Dark Company
Addon Quest 16 + update map 00

The Dark Company was originally several "quests" leading us to go through the underground city, Lair of the Dark Company. It was one big map divided into several sections due to boardgame+miniatures logistic. I unified all in one. We won't be able to go to the shop during the quest (it was not possible onthe board game though.) you'll find some firecamp to rest here and there.
In the end this Quest 16 adds around 5h of gameplay if you want to clean everything and make us reach the level 9/10 depending on how we cleaned previous maps.

- I added "more furnitures" than the game proposed in order to see if it would be better than the 15 previous quest. Do not hesitate to tell me if it is, I may come back and fulfill the older ones.

Wish You'll enjoy and have fun Adventurers !

Note : The existing save can be kept. Just update the map 00 and add this one to your list. I don't recommande to playthis quest with fresh character due to the lack of magical objects but if you do anyway, you'll need character lvl 8/9 I think.

La Compagnie de l'Ombre était originellement divisées en plusieurs quêtes. Une aventure qui nous faisait traverser la cité souterraine de la Compagnie de l'Ombre. Ceci était du aux restriction "plateau et figurines". J'ai donc réunifié toutes ces sections en une seule puisqu'il s'agit de la même carte. Aussi il ne sera pas possible de retourner au magasin durant la quête (ce n'était pas le cas jadis non plus.) J'ai placé des feux de camps ça et là cependant. L'addon ajoute environ 5h de jeu si on souhaite tout clean et nous permet d'atteindre le niveau 9/10 selon comme les maps précédentes ont été nettoyées également. 

- J'ai rajouté des meubles et du décor que ne proposait pas le jeu original pour voir. Si jamais c'est quelque chose que tu préfères n'hésite pas à le dire je reviendrai probablement sur les précédentes quêtes pour en ajouter.

En souhaitant que ça te plaise ! Have Fun. :)

Note : Les save existantespeuvent être conservées, il faut simplement mettre à jour la map 00 et ajouter celle-ci. Je ne recommande pas de jouer cette carte "seule" avec des perso neufs mais si tu le fais tout de même il faudra des perso lvl 8/9 je pense. (Le manque d'objet magiques sera sans doute un souci.)


STEAM FR : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2567811444
STEAM EN : https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2567817283
MOD.IO : https://solasta.mod.io/solastaquest-a-tribute-to-heroquest-en-fr
NEXUS : https://www.nexusmods.com/solastacrownofthemagister/mods/151

"VISE LES YEUX BOUH !!!" (c)MINSC https://www.Twitch.tv/sirmadnesstv pour du live https://www.youtube.com/myuneffectivemadness pour de la VOD

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1 year ago (edited)

SirMadnessTV is dropping a massive upgrade to his popular SolastaQuest dungeon crawl when we get the new patch! Reposting his huge list of additions from the wiki.


With the Primal Calling DLC the SolastaQuest Campaign is evolving. What will be the update towards 2.0?

*City of Nuln (The main city of HeroQuest) adapted in a "small" version for SolastaQuest. This town will be the hub for in coming community scenarios and place for merchants of all kind.

*The House of Mentor - the original Hub of Solastaquest was re-designed and integrated in the City of Nuln. Now you can rest and store your things at Mentor's house. This place is also the Hub for "Official HQ campaign and expansions."

*Investigation system is up. In old HQ boardgame we could check for treasure in every rooms. This is now possible in a "light" version for SolastaQuest. Try to find some gold and maybe you will... Or maybe a monster will come at you!

*Custom Items and Monsters! You'll have every item of the base game + bosses. (Though this is still an adaptation.)

*Collectibles : For completion of a quest you'll find a "scroll of success" Quest object that you can store at Mentor's or keep on you to prove that you completed a quest! Also, you can find some "Knowledge books". They are easy or hard to find, everywhere and they carry the knowledge of SolastaQuest (meaning some of Heroquest re-written + new). A complete list will be available on https://MyMadSolasta.Wordpress.com Asap.

*A New Quest! SolastaQuest will come with a new community scenario from the 150+ yet to come. Quest for Quinzen. You'll be able to play these community scenarios from the Nuln city (Hub) wandering in it. You can play them as you like in the order that pleases you. Though take care with the difficulty level recommended. You can make a Quest lvl 1 with a party lvl 12 or the invert, It will be up to you.

Expect then more SolastaQuest to come in 2022 with expansions and community scenario added. It will take time as there is total 200+ maps to create but it will come brick by brick. Have Fun Adventurers!

Find your next Solasta D&D adventure: https://solasta-dungeons.fandom.com

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Oh thank you a lot Berengar ! I tend to forget the forum with time :/

An additionnal side chapter "Apocalypse" was added with new side quests in the city of Nuln.
This comes with new collectable books and a try of a dungeon in the caves. This environment is still tricky for Solastaquest but,well.

Currently WIP : Update 2.1.3
- The side chapter "The Necromancers" comes with 5 more quests (4 new quests + a rework of Quest for Quinzen)
It's joined by the Agin's Inn. You'll be able to meet npc's and stuffinside instead of only clicking on it's door to access quests.
- Also the Chapter "Werewolf's Reign" comes with a stand alone quest.

Have Fun with Solastaquest !

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Update 2.1.4 released on all plateforms
- Addition of 1 new side quest - A growl of Thunder (for lvl4+ recommanded)

- Addition of a custom ingredients list at Daz'Kar in Town
- Nerf of a fight in the quest "The Trial"

- Minor modifications here and there. (mapping/typo...)

"VISE LES YEUX BOUH !!!" (c)MINSC https://www.Twitch.tv/sirmadnesstv pour du live https://www.youtube.com/myuneffectivemadness pour de la VOD