Dun Cuin Stronghold Top Floor

Level 2
1 year ago

Has anybody completed this dungeon? I'm completely stumped. The only things on the level are stairs back to where I came, a chandelier, and a door that "cannot be opened" with a keyhole shaped like a dragon.I've methodically walked over every square in the place under the daylight spell and in stealth mode and my characters haven't found anything to interact with. I tried the steam forums and got no response.

Level 1
Kickstarter Backer
1 year ago

You've probably already figured this out at this time.  I was stuck on this as well!  Go through the portal on the right (although I think they both go to the same place) and head straight ahead.  They'll be two portals.  One all the way at the end of the dungeon floor (you don't want that one) and another one that's much closer towards the middle.  Take that portal and it will take you to Estanna's room where you'll find the key.  Once you get that, then just make your way back up two levels to the Dragon key door.

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