Dual Wielder replacement feat idea

Level 9
5 months ago

I was kind of disappointed when my Ranger hit 4th and I got to pick a feat and there was no Dual Wielder in the list.

I'm assuming that this is not one of the licensed feats and therefore off limits.  :(

So, here's a lore-friendly suggestion for a replacement:

Duality of Maraike

Your devotion to two weapon fighting has earned you a boon from the goddess Maraike.

While wielding two light weapons, the life aspect grants you +1 AC while the death aspect grants you an extra 1d4 Necrotic damage on each hit.  (or maybe a straight 2 pts of Necrotic?)

Balance-wise, I think this is on par with the the Dual Wielder.  That allowed you to wield non-light weapons so you could increase the damage done by using two d8 weapons instead of two d6 weapons.  Adding d4 or +2 damage would compensate for the feat only working with light weapons.  Making he damage Necrotic is more flavor than anything, and appropriate to Maraike.  (Her Oblivion clerics get +d6 Necrotic at 6th level, so... seems fair.)

The +1 AC is a straight borrow from Dual Wielder (obviously) so there shouldn't be any balance issues with that.

Anyway, if you could add this (or Dual Wielder, or something similar) I would really appreciate it and I suspect other dual-wielding rangers would too.

Thank you.

Level 10
4 months ago

Seems like an alright feat.

Typos happen. More so on the phone.

Level 7
4 months ago

I came up with a few feats, this is the one i thought of to replace Dual Wielder and it even came at the problem from a physical standpoint, so it should be different enough.

Hulking Build - Requires: Move of 5+, Str of 15, and Con of 15 - You are not restricted to Light weapons when dual wielding, Str based melee attacks get +1/+2 Damage (one or two hander), Small creatures ignore the Heavy property on normal weapons.

[I had an idea for a feat that increased move as well, the intention was for Small creatures to have to take both feats to ignore the Heavy property]

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Level 3
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4 months ago

Another suggestion:

Solastan Two Weapon Fighting:  Training in a specific Solastan style, you may choose a single non-light 1-handed weapon type (Rapier, Longsword, etc).  You may now wield two of that specific weapon type at the same time.  Feat may be taken multiple times, choosing a different non-light 1-handed weapon each time.

Something simple that lets you have a favorite non-light, 1-handed weapon that you can now dual wield, but still different than Dual Wielder.

-Hot Stuff