Druid Spirit Call (Kindred Spirit): now you can, now you can't

Level 14
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1 year ago

I will detail the where and how, but the short form is my Druid was given the option to summon her Spirit Wolf at one moment, but two minutes later it was removed for no reason. 

WHERE : at a certain manor after the Lava Forest (trying to avoid spoilers here)
Version : 1.2.12 (so latest hotfix/patch)
PC Windows 10 


  1. My Druid was in Wild Shape (Dire Wolf) after a battle when my Spirit Wolf died. She had the option to re-summon it, but the Spirit Wolf had the annoying bug of doing +1 damage; as if my Druid has no Wisdom.  I therefore load a Quicksave done a moment before ...
  2. So still as a Dire Wolf, I decided not to use my Spirit Call until I am humanoid again hoping my Spirit Wolf will have its proper +6 damage. A simple 1d6 in level 10 fights being a bit... weak. 
  3. A dialogue at the door of the manor zaps my Wild Shape off and suddenly my Spirit Call ability is no longer available. Just gone for no reason, BUT my Wild Shape charge came back, though there was no rest of any kind.  I mean it has been barely 2 minutes since I transformed and my Spirit Wolf died.  I could re-summon it two minutes ago, but no more.  Something in the dialogue scene there seems to reset some stuff, though my long term buffs are still there (Aid and Mage Armor). 

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