Druid Circle of the Kindred Spirit is SO bad.

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Level 14
2 months ago


Kindred Spirit would be a lot better (and feel a lot more fair) if you didn't take psychic dmg and get stunned on the death of the spirit. It really doesn't seem powerful enough to warrant such a major drawback when I could just pick up Circle of the Land instead for more spells.

That misses the point: the pet is NOT a meat shield. If it dies you are doing it wrong.

And it's plenty strong enough (certainly better than circle of the land) if you use the pet as intended - tactically.

Doesn't matter if it is intended to be a meatshield or not. The drawbacks of it being targetted are too severe compared to the benefit they bring.

It's easy enough to avoid the pet being targeted. If your tactical skills aren't up to that, then play something easier, don't try and bring everything down to your level.

Easy enough, but just not worth it. High risk, mediocre reward compared to even the most basic Druid available.

 You brought up familiars, completely missing that familiars don't cause dmg and stun on the player when they die. That's a major difference.

They used to in earlier editions (such as permanent constitution loss in 1st edition). They now cost gold to replace - significant at low levels.

And that's relevant to this how? You seem to keep fortetting the stun.

Of course, most familiars only work for as long as the DM allows it to in my experience. A bit of AoE, a stray Magic Missile or a lesser mob targetting them is usually all it takes to knock them out of combat. Solasta is not short on enemies with ranged options, high mobility or AoE, making the spirit rather exposed, with its mediocre AC and low hit points. 

It also has an idiot computer as the DM. If you can't outwit it by running around a corner that's not really my problem.

It's really not about whether or not someone can outwit the computer. It's about the rewards the subclass offers compared to the risks involved and the alternatives available.

You’re coming across as very insecure the way you keep implying that people not liking this poorly designed subclass must just be because they’re bad at the game.

So you can have a pet that contributes a small amount while constantly being in danger of dying and thus compromising the Druid by stunning them (and knocking a good chunk of HP at lower levels)... 

The pet can contribute a considerable amount of damage, by doing things like setting up sneak attack. And if the situation doesn't allow that, you put it somewhere safe.

Compared to the flexibility of more prepared spells, it's not much contribution to sometimes make an underperforming class like Rogue slightly better. Especially with the stun being a factor.

or you can have 8 additional spells prepared. Solasta's modified Grassland is pretty neat, including Invisibility, Haste, Greater Invisibility and Mind Twist. I think I'll take an arcane casting Druid over a pet. 

So, anything that isn't to your taste is broken?

Of course not. Being poorly designed with high risk and mediocre reward is what makes Kindred Spirit bad, not whether or not i want a pet class.

Something that is not to my taste is the Greenmage, since i think giving that sort of expansion to Wizards goes a long way to invalidate other classes and subclasses. But the Greenmage is very strong and there are no poorly implemented mechanics to bring it down.

I suspect you have the reverse though. You give the impression that anything with flavor you like must be good, regardless of implementation.

Typos happen. More so on the phone.

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