Downtime activities

Maarten Tops
Level 5
Kickstarter Backer
4 months ago

Crafting is handled great as a downtime activity at the moment. You queue a specific job and the character will put hours into it when he/she has the chance.

I really wish other activities would get the same "downtime activity" treatment. I am talking about:

  1. Identifying an item as ritual
  2. Scribing a scroll into the spellbook as a wizard
  3. Reading a tome that increases a stat by 2

It is really jarring, confusing and frustrating that you can simply get a sudden and mandatory loading screen telling you the party "is camping" for x minutes/hours without being warned about it beforehand. And the fact that the rest of the party is apparently standing around for possibly 24 hours but not getting the benefit of a short or long rest makes it even weirder. You can't even have two party members both read a stat tome at the same time. The fact that scribing a scroll actually costs gold is also completely hidden at the moment which is unacceptable.

Scribing a scroll or reading a tome should come up with a message box stating the amount of (down)time it will take to complete this task, and how much gold it will cost if any. The player can select OK or Cancel fully informed. That specific party member can then work on the task in downtime just like crafting currently works. Casting a ritual should keep the option of "waiting for 10 minutes" like it is now if you don't want to wait for downtime to identify that shiny new loot. Or maybe don't offer that option so people have a reason to actually prepare the Identify spell instead of always casting it as a ritual.