Don't like new female half elf heads

Level 14
1 year ago

I rebuilt a couple of prebuild characters to make some tweaks for the full game. Both of them were female half-elves. I don't like any of the new heads; a couple were tolerable (3 and 4 I think) but the rest were worse than the EA release. Is this just me?

1 year ago

I agree.

The changes from Early Access to full release were a result of the feedback that Tactical Adventures received. I applaud TA's willingness to try to finetune character appearance but, to be honest, as implemented the changes are a net negative in my opinion. 

Half-elves may have taken the most noticeable hit but everyone of the elven characters I created during EA look worse after the full release update.

If there is any chance to restore the EA options (in addition to the new ones) that would be grand.

I stand in the moonlit dawn, Free from clouds of attachment.

1 year ago

There have been lots of complaints about the new faces.  The faces weren't great in the early release, but with the full release the Dev's seem to have made a concerted effort to make the female faces as plain and non-sexy as possible.  Even the body figures are as flat as a board.  Sex sells, and games with sexy characters are significantly more fun to play.  I'm hoping the Dev's read the complaints and do something about it.  If they don't then they're going to lose some money in game sales after people read the reviews.  

Great battle mechanics.  Decent story line.  Beautiful 3D environment.  Plain to Ugly characters.  

Seems like the only real negative for this game could be fixed rather easily.  Adding flirtyness and romance to the storyline wouldn't hurt either.  

I recall in the early release one or two of the voices would make a comment about being on their knees whenever you had to crawl under something.  Maybe my personalities are messed up, but that hilarious comment seems to have been scrubbed with full release.  Rather than taking these types of comments out, more should have been added.

1 year ago

There are many things I like about this game.  The choice of character voices and faces is one of the areas that is sorely lacking.  Not to mention that Voice 3 for females is a male voice.  WTF?!

Level 7
1 year ago

I know that "don't fix if ain't broken" is generally a poor advice as far as software development is concerned, but in this particular case the outcome is just overboard. Compared to EA, my sylvan rogue looks like a never-sobered alcoholic now.

Not to mention that Voice 3 for females is a male voice.  WTF?!

I dunno, butch option maybe?

Level 6
1 year ago (edited)

Sorry but this name needs 'hot' Elves and Half-Elves.  And, the sooner the better!  And please also fix the 3rd choice female voice - that is a definite bug!