D.M. still not ready honestly, for release

Level 13
1 year ago (edited)

1) No light sources for the party.

Denizens of the dark, are not going to have wall sconces all lit up, all thru their lair. Intelligent ones, will have destroyed any in excess of a bare minimum. Yet the only light source we can place in a chest for a party, is candles. No torches, no Scrolls of Light. (Scrolls of Darkness, sure. Where is the Scroll of Light???)

2) Tile sets need to be interchangeable.

The new Elven Palace and Lava Caves for ex are much appreciated, but ALL tile sets should be readily available. Behind a bookcase in the palace, could be a rough passageway, winding thru the hill and emerging on the opposite side via a secret door to a long abandon Crypt. Tiles from 3 different tile sets would be needed.

3) When placing crafting recipes in a module...

when we mouse over the recipe, the ingredients for that recipe NEED, REALLY NEED, to come forth in a popup window. Giving the party a crafting recipe (which can not be retained outside that module) and NOT giving them the ingredient FOR that recipe, begs the question...why give them the recipe? IS it truly your intent, that we when play testing, have to read all the recipes into our test party, and then manually record the various ingredients needed, so we can go back into the editor afterward and add them?

4) When selecting items to place in a chest, the game needs to ask for a quantity. (preferably by having 2 buttons...1 for when 1 is wanted and another for when multiple are wanted.)

when placing Potions of Healing for ex into a chest, if we want 4 of them, it should not be necessary to go in and select 1, 4 times. The means should exist to indicate that more than 1 is wanted, and then ask how many.

5) Creatures need to be renamable and generally editable.(Items too)

The means to make a "Boss" or "mini-boss" Orc, Goblin or whatever, should exist. Perhaps giving it an extra hit die and modifying somewhat it's damage range or it's resistances/immunities, or it's AC. Weapons, armor, jewelry for ex...all need to have a value that defines a limit for enchantments that can be placed upon them, and then those enchantments need values as to "how much" each costs. Then the designer/modder, needs to have the ability to select the desired enchantments to be placed upon that item.

6) Bethesda showed how it should be done.

With their Construction Kit for Morrowind/Oblivion, they showed ALL Devs and gamers alike, how it should be done. Full access to every aspect AND, entirely insertable INTO the game world. Characters in the module, retain experience, wealth, and items acquired. They also retain conditions (lycanthropy for ex) inflicted, or death if suffered in the module. Necessitating the modules be "one and done", TRULY limits the games functionality. ALLOW them to be stand alone, OR, allow them to be incorporated into the game world where players can use them as side quests.

7) Import/Export of characters

Does T.A. have plans/designs for additional Solasta games? Levels 8 thru 15 for ex? Then we need to be able to export our Crown of the Magister characters and then import them into that game. So too, should we be able to export our existing characters and import them into a module, from which they could be exported and then imported back into Crown of the Magister...RETAINING all affects FROM the module.

8) In the Lava Caves tile set...we need a huge OPEN cavern. 

Your 24x24 and your 48x48, you prefilled the center of each, leaving a side passage around the perimeter, no larger in width than your halls. We need a room like thos WITHOUT the center being mandatorily obstructed.

I only yesterday started mucking with the D.M. post full release of the game. I have not yet gotten so far as to test interconnectivity of multiple maps, which was a GLARING fault with the initial version of the D.M. I have my fingers crossed, that this was addressed and remedied.