Disappearing Arrows (Solved)

Level 2
8 months ago (edited)

Anyone had any issues with arrows disappearing periodically? Both from either of the two equipped slots or inventory? Seems to be normal arrows mostly. Seems to happen after resting maybe, or when we load a saved game possibly. We even wondered if the game uses arrows during traveling while characters are hunting, but haven't otherwise figured it out. It's definitely not from normal use or crafting, and seems to not hit any particular character equally at all times. Most recently, the mage in our party who carries a bow as backup lost arrows 5 at a time after rests until empty, and elected to just not carry arrows any more because of it. Was wondering if there were any sort of work around solutions for that (i.e., unequip and re-equip arrows before resting each time, etc).

Update: Nope, it was crafting! She's higher up in the list in the party, and so when my Ranger and Thief craft arrows, they steal hers. I just gotta remember to give her some in return. ūü§£