Dim Light and NPC's

Level 9
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1 year ago

I understand the design decision to force attack at disadvantage while in dim light, but it should also apply to the NPC's and it doesn't. Either apply it to all attacks or none, this half and half is just a bad mechanic.

Level 3
1 year ago (edited)

I think the Design decision is more of a delay until they get it worked out, I can't imagine they want this in the final game.

I think anyone playing the game is feeling this with the Sorak's right now, I ended losing characters over it, and don't feel like using CE Table or loading a save multiple times. 

The only workaround I found , is to use the torch or light equipment loadout. (tried the light spell as well, but I didn't cast it on the characters weapon only the amulet, so I may try that and update this thread)

Update: Using the light cantrip on a weapon does work. You can cast the cantrip on another character's weapon, say your fighter or paladin and run them into melee. Once the enemy is near the character whose weapon is lit up you should no longer have the "Unlit" effect or impact.