Dim light

11 months ago

I'm fighting some orcs during a random map encounter. The orcs come near my surprised party. They are all one square away from the campfire but when my human paladin tries to attack them he has disadvantage. Don't know if it's correct or a bug, so I report anyway. The whole light system looks neat for me, but I find kind weird that my character has problems hitting a huge ass orc in front of a campfire.

p.s: The orc was at the left side of my dwarf cleric, I was not imagining it lol


Level 3
11 months ago (edited)

The Darkvision or dark combat seems to be a hot topic right now. I believe using the Light equipment option and dropping your shield, is the way to get in his face without disadvantage. Again hope others comment on this, as this is unbalanced, since the Orc or other creatures, tend to have no issues attacking your party in the dark.

One item of note, you can cast the Light cantrip on a weapon and then don't have to use a torch. I used this tactic with a beefy character who had the cantrip. They run into melee and light up the enemy for the ranged folk.