Dim light

1 year ago (edited)

Dim light is currently imposing disadvantage on attack rolls, it should only be imposing disadvantage on perception checks. Also 3 out of the 4 characters in my party with dark vision are also getting disadv from dim light.

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1 year ago

Same issue.

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1 year ago

Same for me.

1 year ago

Also facing the issue.

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1 year ago

Not an issue, intended by devs and they know they have deviated from RAW.

Tactical Myzzrym
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1 year ago

This is indeed as designed. 

  • Bright Light: No disadvantage
  • Dim Light: Disadvantage, unless you have Darkvision
  • Darkness: Disadvantage (even with Darkvision)

This is different from Tabletop because Solasta plays a lot with Light. We want to encourage players to use lighting and avoid having a full Darkvision party to just do all the levels in the dark (which would look terrible on screen), and lessen the gap between non-Darkvision and Darkvision characters