Different Load - Same Result - Intentional?

2 months ago


Maybe this has been covered elsewhere, and even perhaps intended, but it's still odd.

first room dark castle, there is a chest. 

no matter how many times I reload the save game, the thief rolls a 6 on that roll. 1 or 2 times coincidence ok..

I've loaded the game probably 15 times and always get the 6. 

I'm all for anti-cheats but predefined fails? I'm not good with that.



Level 10
2 months ago

You need to uncheck Preserve Random Seed in your game options. It’s set to save certain rolls by default even if you save.

Level 10
2 months ago

It is intentional to preserve Random Seeds in the game, unless you turn it off like silverblade mentioned. At a guess, I'd say it is to make save scumming less immediately beneficial.

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