Dice Rolls

6 months ago (edited)

I would love to see the Dice rolls during play, love the system on Disco Elysium.

Tactical Myzzrym
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6 months ago (edited)

This is something we're still discussing about. You can notably see dice rolls for Initiative, and we love seeing dice rolls (let's face it, rolling dice is a big part of the tabletop experience) - but we have to make sure the feedback is well implemented and not messy. If every dice roll took half of the screen, you can imagine how chaotic (and slow!) things would get during combat.

Level 7
6 months ago (edited)

But I would hope it will still be optional, because for me it would be very immersion-breaking. It would be nice to have all dice rolls represented in the dialog box where you can mouse over the line and see the dice roll, like how P:Km does it.

4 months ago

Baldur's gate 3 uses dice rolls! looks sweet...