Dice Rolls....

3 months ago (edited)

All I want in my life is the ability to see dice rolls in my tabletop game. 

There's nothing that quite matches the Skinner-box effect or the anticipation / dopamine release of seeing those dice. Even if it's just in the main text scroller or something. It's all I've ever wanted. 

If you can do it I'll go to the next US GamsCon (Pax, E3, Whatever) and buy you all drinks! (Also, I'm headed to Pax so see y'all there!)

3 months ago

Hey Dan,

It is something we are looking into. You will notice some dice displating for the initiative roll in combat. Lets call it a tease for what is to come.

I will personaly attend PAX West next week at our booth.

I like Mojitos.

2 months ago

In addition to this theme, if you dont always want to display the dice (maybe make it an optional setting?) it would be nice to see the dice from all rolls in the upper right textbox (maybe again, put it into the settings?). Ive noticed that a lot of rolls like attacks are shown, but damage wasnt. If you think it pollutes the box too much, maybe make it so it shows if I hover my mouse over it?

2 months ago

Something else I just noticed, I know its a small detail, but am I the only one that would like to see both rolls when there was a check with advantage or disadvantage? When an enemy has disadvantage and it says "Enemy rolls with disadvantage:  18+x" I know that the other one was higher but its still a great feeling if youre like "the other one wouldve been a nat 20, lucky me!"

2 months ago (edited)

Love to see dice rolling but i know someone don't like it so if possible a option to hide or show the feature is a must!

Love DICE!!!!

The initiative dice is good to me simple and discrete ... a mini rolling near the player charater is a must :D