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Hi dev, another thorny question for you. In the demo we saw more or less how the dialogues will be in the game (For me the interaction of the demo was done very well). I'd be curious to know how complex and how important the dialogues in the campaign will be.
In practice there will be complex dialogues with some ramifications that lead to actual consequences in the game world. Or will they be just dialogues to check off some extra rewards? Will talking to NPCs lead to side quests or will it all be a little more on an established track?

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3 years ago

This is quite hard to say - complexity and importance is very subjective to the player. The ambition is of course to have some meaningful dialog results, aside from the simple "here get some extra rewards". What will those consequences be? We can't really say for now.

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The same way, me too. The degree of difficulty and significance is highly dependent on the individual gamer. The goal is to have conversations that lead to more substantial outcomes/. So, what exactly will happen to cause those results? Currently, we simply do not have enough information to make that determination.

 It's the same in life and at the RPG table :-) I see it as an encouragement to play your characters in an assumed way and a natural way to improve the replayability of an RPG.

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