Dialog system is awkward

Level 12
2 months ago (edited)

Dialogs are shown as subtitled video sequences. While this allows for camera positioning and gives an overall dramatic effect which is nice, there are limitations that could be removed.

Please refer to the typical screenshot given below. I have the following suggestions:

- there should be a scrollback to see the past conversation

- the players should be able to at least see the question they have to answer

- space is used for pausing the game, except in conversation where it's used to skip dialogs. It should be a different key, players sometimes need to pause the game during a conversation

- will there be sometimes multiple replies per character, or is that 4 answers max, which seems very limited?

- it would be better to have keyboard shortcuts to select the answers, having to use the mouse all the time is not user-friendly

On the plus side, the conversations are kept in the journal.

Level 4
2 months ago

Regarding pausing during dialogue, I'm pretty sure that you can use escape to pause anytime(I am unable to confirm right now though).

I agree that there should absolutely be keyboard shortcuts for selecting dialogue options.  I keep instinctively hitting 1, 2 or 3 because I'm used to this system in other games and then remembering I have to mouse it.

Pip Halsey
Level 3
2 months ago

Also something that has been a bit annoying is the seemingly randomness of the options for each character. I have a rogue with high charisma, and expertise on Persuasion, who rarely gets the Persuasion option. I had one situation where the one talker of the group only got the option to to demand to fight, which didn't even make sense because he was made as a Chaotic Good alignment, why is he so blood thirsty in this one situation?