Dev Update Video: Dice System Preview

Tactical Myzzrym
Level 14
Tactical Adventures Dev
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2 years ago

Hey there folks, 
I honestly didn't think I'd manage to sneak in a Video Dev Diary so close to our Early Access launch, but turns out that one doesn't need sleep to survive when you ace those Constitution Saving Throws! And in case you didn't manage to succeed your Intelligence (Insight) check, I was just kidding. Crunch bad mmm'kay? Anyway today is a bit of a shorter video, but I think all of you dice lovers out there will be very much interested in it!

Enjoy! There probably won't be another Video Dev Diary for a while as we'll be focusing on our Early Access Launch for the foreseeable future (but don't worry, it will come back at some point). 

Article by Tactical Myzzrym