Dev Update #27 - What's cooking beyond Wizard's Tower?

Tactical Myzzrym
Level 14
Tactical Adventures Dev
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2 years ago (edited)

Hey there folks!

With all the recent patch notes and other articles about community feedback and bug fixing, we haven't been showing you a lot of new stuff lately. This is something we intend to fix... today, now, this very round! In fact, stop whatever you're doing and roll initiative, we're getting right down to business!

... But first, here's our weekly cat allowance.

Fire in the Hole!

You know it, we know it, the adventure does not end at the Wizard's Tower. Your party will be going ever deeper into the Badlands, entering orc territory next. Now, there are tons of things we'd love to share with you - but we also do not wish to spoil everything, which is why you'll have to make do with a few pictures for now!

Step forward brave adventurers, and enter our lair...

Hope you don't mind the heat! Oh and watch your footing, or pray you succeed your Dexterity saving throw.

Welcome home, such as it is. This squalid hamlet, these corrupted lands... wait wrong game I'm being told.

"But what will it look like in-game?" I hear you asking. Well ask no more, that right there is a screenshot.

Preparing a New Batch of Monsters

Goblins and Ghosts, Ghosts 'n Goblins... I'm sure you want some new foes to face by now, right? This is why we've been hard at work on a new monster... the female orc!

What's better than orcs? More orcs!

Alright alright lower your pitchforks, sheesh! Guess that's what I get for dumping Charisma, can't roll a good Performance check to save my life. Jokes aside, we now have female orcs ready to go for when your party meets the orc tribes later during the campaign. And let me tell you, if you expect orcs to simply be savage monsters, you'll be in for a shock.

Storm, Earth and Fire, heed my call!

Without any transition, give a warm welcome to our new elemental friends! Wait... what's that? Sorry, I'm being told they might not be as friendly as I first expected. Fighting might occur, deadly injuries might ensue - consider yourself warned. 

What's 40 feet long, CR 11 and devours adventurers for breakfast?

If you answered "Remorhaz", you are correct! Everyone else go back to studying the Monster Manual, it will be on the next test so pay attention during class. This mighty beast was introduced to Solasta by the community during our Kickstarter campaign, and will take a lot of preparation to take down. Able to swallow its target whole with a simple bite, the Remorhaz has spelled the end of many would-be heroes.

Giant beetles? Were giant spiders not enough?

For those who joined the Solastan community recently, you might be a little confused by the picture above. Giant beetles? What are those? Well, say hello to your spellcasters' new nightmare: the Redeemers. These gigantic insects, originally created by the old elven empire, thrived in the Badlands in the absence of their former masters - and they have evolved in some of the worst way possible.

My Tailor is Rich!

For our non-French friends, know that for some reason this was one of the first english sentence we would be taught back in the old days. And yes, it served as much as you would expect (hint: as much as a barbarian dip in a high level wizard build). Anyway, lore dump aside we have good news for you. Our magic armours are now looking better than ever, which will distinguish them from their regular counterpart!

Now you can slay while looking dapper! No, that does not mean I'm giving you a bonus in Charisma for free though.

Putting That Code to Work

While our Art team produces most of what we usually show in our Dev Updates, it's good to remember that our programmers are still hard at work. We've recently implemented quite a few improvements, such as preventing different characters from stacking onto one another while exploring or having characters orient themselves towards their enemy when taking a hit. That being said, one of the biggest improvements we're currently adding to the game are difficulty options. We've been talking about it for quite some time, but we've just now implemented it in-game - see for yourself! We'll go into more details in a future article about everything you can switch on and off in those settings.

What options do you want? All of them. You get to pick and choose what you want.

A Few Spells for the Road?

It's been quite some time since we shared some new spells, hasn't it? Those were good times. So good in fact that I've got some available to go around.

Grease, 1st level conjuration spell

Silence, 2nd level illusion spell

Sleet Storm, 3rd level conjuration spell

Alright folks, this is the end for today! Thank you for reading, and don't hesitate to drop by our Forums or our Discord Server.

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Article by Tactical Myzzrym

Level 1
2 years ago

Grease & Silence!  Huzzah!

Can't wait.  I would love it though, if I could meet more enemy factions of humanoids though!  Especially enemy spellcasters!

Level 14
2 years ago

Some fine updates coming our way. Is the new area going to come with a new level cap too? My Shadowcaster is thirsty for 2nd level spells!

Any hint for when this might drop?

Typos happen. More so on the phone.

Level 10
2 years ago

The environment, monsters and armor look great. Looking forward to testing out the new spells.

Level 2
2 years ago

Looks great!

Is this in beta? How do I get beta access?


Level 9
2 years ago


I was longing for new areas to test. I really enjoy this game.

I hope that with the difficulty settings we also have the oppportunity to incease the party size.

2 years ago (edited)

Hi Devs !

I've read on STEAM before buy your game on GOG  that I could play 10 hours in Solasta EA. 

This information nearly dissuaded me from purchasing Early Access. It's a bit stupid to give information like this because in the end I think I'm not halfway through the EA and I've already spent more than 20 hours in game !   

So please change this bad description on Steam, it will be better for your busness :)

Currently I play both Baldur's gate 1, Baldur's gate 3 and Solasta and I find the spirit of Baldur's 1 much more in your game than in Larian's (even if Larian makes very good games). 

Good luck for the future, Solasta is a great game!

Résultats de traductiAt the time, this information nearly dissuaded me from purchasing Early Access. It's a bit stupid to give information like this because in the end I think I'm not halfway through the EA and I've already spent 20 hours in the game! 

2 years ago

Looking forward to this, hopefully more magic short swords will be included, or some Solastan feat for using normal martial/light combo for two weapon fighting (rapier/dagger, longsword/shortsword (or dagger) etc.)

Level 3
2 years ago

Lots of really cool stuff coming it seems. The difficulty customisation is particularly impressive, keep up the good work!

Level 14
2 years ago

I suppose that's for the final version, it will be great! Really love what you have made so far :)

Level 5
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2 years ago

Those difficulty settings look great so far.  I only see one missing under Health and Rest.  How about adding one that allows you to uncheck max health after long rest?

Level 9
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2 years ago

Will the difficulty settings affect the XP that the party receives?

Level 10
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2 years ago

Will the difficulty settings affect the XP that the party receives?

Great question. I would like to know as well.

Level 14
2 years ago

Will the difficulty settings affect the XP that the party receives?

Great question. I would like to know as well.

i don't know it seems like more difficult settings will just be turning the game back to playing by the rules and having an AI that is more human like.  reminds me of when my students want a reward for doing what they were supposed to be doing.

yellow flower of courage

Level 14
2 years ago (edited)

Changing the earned XP means reaching a lower level at the same point in the quests. If the campaign is calculated to reach level 10 near the end, it could be very tricky to mess with XP. Of course they could add more enemies, but it's turn-based so probably not a good idea.

I don't think it makes sense, anyway; there are already multiple battle options to make it more difficult, no need to tackle that from both ends.


  • damage taken
  • disable enemy critical hits (on, off)
  • enemy health multiplier
  • dice adjustment:
    • ally saving throw
    • enemy saving throw
    • ally attack roll
    • enemy attack roll
    • ally ability check
    • enemy ability check
  • deadlier AI (on, off)
  • merciless AI (on, off)

Health and rest

  • companions rest (on, off)
  • no food required (on, off)
  • max health on hit dice (on, off)
  • max health on level up (on, off)


  • encumbrance rule (Solasta variant, tabletop, simplified)


  • never lose concentration (on, off)
  • universal scrolls (on, off)

Spell components

(disabled=that component isn't required,

basic=spells with that component require spell focus or component pouch)

  • verbal components (disabled, full)
  • somatic components (disabled, basic, full)
  • material components (disabled, basic, full)

Dice rolls

  • random mode (true random, karmic dice)
  • guaranteed critical (on, off)


  • force dialog roll success (on, off)
  • always display dialog chances (on, off)
  • unlock all bestiary (on, off)
  • disable random encounters (on, off)


  • reroll exploration checks (on, off)
  • autodetect traps (on, off)
  • no tool required (on, off)
  • force crafting roll success (on, off)
Level 13
2 years ago

I wondering when we will an estimate regarding when the difficulty slider will arrive. My next play-through will probably target that release date!  Thanks again for the great work.