Dev Update #24 - Community Feedback & Sourcebook Update

2 years ago

Cool, I missed that. Thanks for the tip! I always play Elf wizards for the short sword, and longbow (amongst others) proficiencies.

Level 7
2 years ago

I have a group of halflings two are lawgivers, cleric and the rogue, green mage wizard and duelist fighter I'm believing the wizard is an academic. The fighter is a sellsword for no good reason other than I wasn't paying attention when I created her. I took the lawgiver for the cleric for the long sword. The rogue enjoys two short swords.

9 months ago

lowering monsters' AC and increasing their HP instead so they're not dead after a few shots (also lowering the frustration of missing too often).

 This is what Larian did and the complaints piled in.It breaks the system in ways that You wouldn't think unless you are very in tune with 5th ed

Look up goblin AC/HP changes in BG3.Basically the high dexterity goblins were annoying the hell out of players.But this is core to 5th edition....they are small slippery with it.Instead larian bloated their HPs and lowered their AC.

Stop acting like a tryhard nerd.

People are frustrated with this game because of the bad die rolls it forces on the players. Meanwhile the AI is rolling like a champ in nearly every battle. Now this company can either fix the overwhelmingly bad rolls that are ruining this game or they can listen to you a bunch of naysaying trolls that just want to disagree with a very real problem and stand to lose players over it.

The rigged bad rolls in this game are not something that happens every now and then. They happen almost all of the time making this game boring, frustrating, and horribly broken. They can either address this, without some lonely nerd arguing against it, or lose players. Its THEIR choice not YOURS.