Dev Update #19 - Rise of the Undead

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2 years ago (edited)

Hello folks,

As usual, the Dev Update following a video is going to be a slightly shorter one. I hope you enjoyed our discussion with Antoine about the lore of Solasta, the video was very interesting to work on. We've had to trim quite a few answers to avoid entering spoiler territory of course, you'll have to forgive us for that. Another challenge was that my co-workers were definitely not being cooperative during the editing stage, as can be seen in the picture below.

Excuse me, I'm trying to work here

'Cause this is thriller, thriller night!

When diving in ruins in search for treasure, always think of bringing a cleric - for oftentimes they will be crawling with undeads! Today we'll be showing quite a few of them, from the lowly Skeletons to the more threatening Broods. What is a Brood you ask? Well, stay tuned for more another time...

Look at those moves! This skeleton must have been a bard in its prime

Ghast bro just wants to hug you, but doesn't really know how to

The Wight is nearing completion, and will soon haunt the Badlands as well!

Rough sketch of our different Broods - Blood Brood, Dread Brood and Flesh Brood. Still very much WIP for now!

All of these new folks need a home, wouldn't you say? Fret not, we've been working on great looking environments as usual. They won't be sleeping in the dusty wastelands!

"I see nothing but a cloud of dust in the sun, and the green grass." "Grass? Really?"

"Well, I really think we're lost this time." "Rolling a 1 on Survival probably didn't help either, eh?"

Hocus Pocus aka Abracadabra

We've got more spells incoming for you! We're now starting to tackle 3rd level spells, some of which we talked about in our Dev Update #18 as they are quite different from what we already have in game. For instance, Create Food and Water add rations to your backpack - and as you can imagine, adding items to your inventory with a spell opens the door to a whole new world of bugs and exploits (and modding...?). Similarly, Bestow Curse is our first spell with options, as you have to choose which ability score to curse when casting the spell! And last but not least, Revivify - the staple of any adventuring crew that does not want to lose a party member - has been added to keep the Game Overs away!

Create Food and Water, 3rd level spell, Conjuration

Bestow Curse, 3rd level spell, Necromancy

Revivify, 3rd level spell, Necromancy

That's it for today! Thank you for reading, and don't hesitate to drop by our Forums or our Discord Server.

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Article by Tactical Myzzrym