Dev Update #13 - Enter all ye who seek knowledge

Tactical Myzzrym
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2 years ago (edited)

Hello people!

May is here, and summer is right around the corner. The team has been starting their work on Act II, and we've been polishing Act I as we go. Hopefully we'll soon be able to share some longer videos, so keep an eye on our Youtube channel if you're not already subscribed! Also, here is an obligatory picture of two of our furry companions during these hard times.

Linus & Oliver can be seen hard at work during most of the day. Sleeping that is.

Community Magic Armor Contest

April's Community Contest is over, and the winner is... Brightwall, by Nortar!

With more than 30% of the total votes, this runic shield will banish the darkness no matter how far deep underground you decide to venture. And with the ability to cast Daylight once per long rest, even magical Darkness won't hinder your party! We want to extend our congratulations to all participants, including of course the four runner ups: Greg W Pola with Armor of Shadows (23%), Jason Broom with Archer's Nightmare (22%), Resy with Cloak of Lightning (14%) and Lathaon with Scales of the Remorhaz (11%). As usual, we will be sending Forum Badges as a reward to all participants - as well as some bonus XP so you can level up and get access to more avatars!

Speaking of armors - even though the winning submission was a shield - here is a quick peek at the new armor icons that you will find in your inventory. We had hoped they would have been ready for the Community Magic Armor Contest, but better late than never!

We apologize but the summer catalogue didn't get approved by the adventurer committee, so no armored swimsuits

Power... Overwhelming!

Let's swap things around a bit this time, and start off with spells instead of finishing with them. Our VFX Artist has been very productive these last few weeks, and we have every intention of sharing her work with you! I present to you Frost Bolt, Guidance and Guiding Bolt!

We also have some more spell icons to share! Have fun finding out what spell each one represents. First one to get them all right get a Forum Title from yours truly!

Speaking of magic... Where did our adventurers end up this time? That's more books than you could read in a lifetime... several lifetimes even. I won't spoil too much about this location, but let's say if you expected Solasta to be all about going around caverns murdering orcs and goblins, Wendy you've got a surprise coming to you. 

Caer Cyflen Wasn't Built in a Day - Part 2

Oh boy, more Caer Cyflen. Being the main city of our game, it's very likely that we'll keep polishing it while working on Act II and even beyond. That means you get to see it evolve alongside the development team in our bi-weekly Dev Updates! Hopefully that's something you enjoy, make sure you tell us how you feel about that in the comments.

The marketplace is slowly taking shape, now the next step is to add some life!

Fruits and vegetables aplenty! Tonight we feast!

As its name implies, the marketplace is where you will be doing most of your shopping. Fun fact: we used to have all the vendors scattered across the city so that they could each have their little corner with its own ambiance and decorations, but after playing for a bit we realized that running back and forth between the different shops was more tedious than anything else. The first time going around the city was great, but doing that every time you come back from an expedition was excruciating to say the least. 

This is also when we decided to reduce the playable area of the city. Now that may sound like a bad thing to do, but think of it for a moment - larger cities don't necessarily make for a more enjoyable experience. Unlike playing on tabletop, you can't just skip the long and boring walk between the city gates and the castle - the DM isn't going to make descriptions of the same streets for 15 minutes every time you come back into town (at least I hope not). Adding fast-travel would be a work-around; but in that case what's the point of making a large city in the first place if players are always using fast travel after the first time? Therefore, we decided to pack most activities in a smaller playable area of the city - less time spent running is more time spent adventuring!

Here you can see the canal before adding the water, we'll have another screenshot ready for you once it's filled!

Welcome to the Art Corner

A Dev Update wouldn't be one without showing some of the fantastic work from our Art Team. Icons, concept art, 3D models - there's plenty of things to share with you! 

Another example of Concept Art being made into an in-game prop by our wonderful 3D artists

More item icons, crafting components and potions!


There's plenty more we could show, but we wouldn't want our Dev Updates to become too long now would we. Unfortunately, we don't have a lot of bloopers at hand this time, so here is a doodle from the latest Tactical Skribblio showdown, where the artistic capabilities of each and every team member are tested and judged. And by that I mean the lack of artistic capabilities. 

I'd say this drawing was already pretty high tier compared to everything else.

That's it for today! Hope you enjoyed our Dev Update, and make sure to drop by next week for May's Community Event. Here is a taste of what's coming up...

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Article by Tactical Myzzrym

Level 3
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2 years ago

Although I am bummed by not being able to walk through the entire city, I understand the choice to not make the whole thing explorable. Awesome animations on the spells. I continue to be impressed by the work that is being done with this game. Keep up the work. 

Aron Griffin

2 years ago

The Fruits and Vegetable Stand is foreshadowing for a chase scene quest...???

Level 6
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2 years ago

Lovely news as always! Caer Cyflen keeps looking better and better and the other artork looks very promising as well. For the spell icons, I think I can see:

Prismatic spray, Mirror image,Protection from good and evil (or Alter self or Nystul's Magic Aura), Thunderous smite (or possibly Blinding smite?) Longstrider, Burning hands, Healing word, Levitate??? (really unsure about this one)Firebolt, Mage armor, Fog cloud, Magic weapon, Heroism (possibly?) and Knock.

I probably got a few wrong but I hope I got most of them right ^_^'

I'm a roleplaying and worldbuilding enthusiast who appreciates the weird and wonderful.

Level 2
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2 years ago (edited)

Spells are: 

  1. Prismatic Spray or Color Spray
  2. Guardian of Faith or Conjure Celestial
  3. Haste
  4. Healing Word
  5. Fire Bolt
  6. Fog Cloud
  7. Enhance Ability
  8. Blur or Wind Walk
  9. Magic Weapon
  10. Burning Hands
  11. Bless or Divine Favor
  12. Mage Armor
  13. Spiritual Weapon
  14. Knock

Level 3
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2 years ago (edited)

Darn censorship :/

Level 8
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2 years ago

Chewbacca is instantly recognizable. :)

Level 1
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2 years ago (edited)

This post has been deleted.

Level 1
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2 years ago

For the spell icons:
Top: Color Spray, Protection From Good and Evil, Longstrider, Healing Word, Firebolt, Fog Cloud, Hold Person
Bottom: Haste, Magic Weapon, Burning Hands, Lesser Restoration, Mage Armor, Spiritual Weapon, Arcane Lock

Level 1
2 years ago

My Guesses for the Spell Icons:

1. Color Spray
2. Protection From Good and Evil
3. Expeditious Retreat
4. Resistance
5. Fire Bolt
6. Fog Cloud
7. Haste
8. Blur
9. True Strike
10. Burning Hands
11. Divine Favor
12. Mage Armor
13. Magic Weapon
14. Arcane Lock

Don't mess with the subpar.

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2 years ago (edited)

Congrats to Nortar 👏, lots of fruit and veg have to have your 5 a day 😉, nice looking armour sets and a Wookiee 😁

Level 10
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2 years ago

I agree with both choices: smaller playable area for the city and merchants all in one area. Walking long distances back and forth after the first time is indeed very much a tedious and aggravating chore.

With respect to merchants, is there any way to have the merchant interaction screen be able to show the inventories of all companions and not just the ones in the current party? This would actually be useful in some way generally, to facilitate easy moving around of items and equipment among all companions and not have to keep adding and removing companions from the current party to issue equipment to them.

Lastly, I am a dog person but Linus and Oliver are awesome! :)

Level 4
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2 years ago (edited)

I agree with having a central marketplace being a great choice. On the other hand, I am sad not to be able to take a lovely stroll in the neighbourhood, even if there is nothing to do there. But for usability it makes sense, I guess. Does this mean that the city itself will be reduced in size or rather that there will be areas you cannot enter as a player? Both would be kind of sad, but the latter would probably break immersion more.

Also, all the books in that picture excite me a lot. I hope they are all readable, I wouldn’t mind spending a lifetime on reading Solastan books. ;-) But seriously, such aspects of the game are way more interesting to me than the monster-killing part. I really just want to explore and learn about the world and let those poor beings live in peace …