Determining maximum jump distance

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I'm still confused as to how this is calculated so have been experimenting a bit to see how it functions.  The tutorial indicates a jump distance of between 2-5 tiles; ignoring proficiency for athletics for the moment, I take it to mean the following:

03-14 Strength - 2 tiles

15-20 Strength - 3 tiles

Being proficient in athletics I guess would then mean:

03-10 Strength - 2 tiles

11-14 Strength - 3 tiles (With athletics check against DC15; D20 + athletics score to beat)

15-20 Strength - 4 tiles (With athletics check against DC15; D20 + athletics score to beat)

I tested this with two characters in an area near the end of the game with a 3-tile and 4-tile gap.  

Ranger has athletics proficiency (but 14 strength).

Wizard without athletics proficiency (but 16 strength).


Ranger (14 strength) - 3 tiles - successful (with athletics check)

Wizard (16 strength) - 3 tiles - successful (no check required)


Ranger (19 strength - Gauntlets) - 4 tiles - successful (with athletics check)

Wizard (19 strength - Gauntlets) - 4 tiles - failed, no athletics check does not attempt jump

However I have another character; a druid without athletics proficiency (but 20 strength):


Druid (20 strength) - 4 tiles - successful (no check required)

Attuning and equipping a 21 strength belt on character B (the wizard) will also allow them to clear the gap.  I'm not a D&D pen&paper player, but that seems to be a bit closer to the linked SRD manual in the tutorial section of the game; ie, every point in strength adds an additional foot (well at least how I read it).  If each tile is 5-feet wide, 20 strength would cover 4 tiles or 20-feet; assuming it always is rounding down, that would seem to fit.

Unfortunately I can't find any reference to an athletics check unless jumping vertically rather than horizontally; but the game seems to give you a DC15 check to beat with a D20 + your athletics score.  In any case 20 strength will give me 4-tile jump distances, without athletics proficiency.

I also thought that the boots of striding would only remove the need for an athletics check, but it's looking like they do give you maximum jumping distance, though I don't have a 5 tile gap to test it.  My reasoning is that for Character A (with 14 strength), they normally needs a athletics check to jump a 3-tile gap, but with the boots it makes the 4-tile gap jump without a check, so it isn't simply just adding a single tile of jump distance (otherwise I would expect a check) I take the description to mean it will actually maximize your jump distance regardless of your strength; ie the boots seem to have a permanently integrated jump spell in addition to it's other effects.

Though I'm hoping someone here might be able to give an explanation as to whether this is how it works or not, or if there might be some other reason I'm not seeing at the moment.

EDIT (already so many of them!):

I went back to make sure it wasn't just having a untrained passive 5 points in athletics that was increasing the jump distance rather than the 20 strength.  Stone of good luck was up to the task:


Wizard (19 strength - Gauntlets + amulet to boost athletics from 4 to 5) - 4 tiles - failed again

EDIT 2 (after testing the 5-tile gap at the dark castle):


Druid (20 strength, no athletics proficiency) - 5 tiles - does not attempt

Ranger (21 strength, athletics proficiency) - 5 tiles - successful (with athletics check)

Wizard (25 strength, no athletics proficiency) - 5 tiles - successful (with athletics check) 

Fighter (25 strength, athletics proficiency) - 5 tiles - successful (no check needed)

I used belts to increase the strength above their nominal values.  What surprised me was that the wizard with their strength aritificially bolstered to 25 ran an athletics check despite being non-proficient, though even then I didn't expect a check to even be required.  Also the boots of striding indeed increase distance; my Ranger with 14 strength can make the 5-tile jump with no check needed as long as I'm using those boots.

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8 months ago

This is pretty much a summary of my findings with jump distance vs strength so far:

Jump distance:

03-10 Strength - 2 tiles (this is a guess; it's pretty much what is indicated by the tutorial)

11-14 Strength - 2 tiles (3 tiles with athletics proficiency & DC15 check)

15-19 Strength - 3 tiles (4 tiles with athletics proficiency & DC15 check)

20-24 Strength - 4 tiles (5 tiles with althetics proficiency & DC15 check)

25++ Strength - 5 tiles (no check required with athletics proficiency, otherwise roll DC15 check)

Boots of Striding's description that it gives maximum jump range seems to be true.  I generally take the jump spell for my ranger; but with the boots you won't need to.  Even if you run out of attuning slots, you could always keep a pair with you and attune it when needed.  Of course I don't have a super weak character with no strength to test, so this might not be completely true.  I can say definitively though that it adds at least +2 tiles to jumping distance for my ranger.

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3 months ago

I know this is half a year old.  But, did you try the testing with a rogue thief or fighter champion (as both increase jump distance)?

I wonder if 5 tiles is still the capped maximum IF:

  1. 25 Strength
  2. Expertise in Athletics (not just proficient)
  3. Rogue with Thief Subclass
  4. Jump Spell
  5. Boots of Striding

And whatever else might stack onto the test.  If it is still capped at 5 tiles... that seems ridiculously limited given the numerous ways to increase jump distance. Also begs the question of how much else in the game is so easily capped without even bothering to plan a party. Because, to get a 5 tile jumping distance, all that would be required is really the 25 strength, as it gives a +12 to rolls, and a 15 DC jump check with +12 just means don't roll a 1 or 2. Unless the player is trying to make ridiculous jumps in the middle of combat, that means anyone who has maxed faction enough to buy the 25 STR item is good to go. No one needs to worry about even being proficient at all in Athletics.

I am on console, so testing ideas like this requires a lot more than on PC (my PC is a potato, so can't do more than make dungeons and adventures).  And, all info I can find is either from months ago (does not include the new DLC or updates and patches).  Would love to see more testing.  I love the write-up, btw, very easy to read through.

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I'm on a console, thus testing ideas like this takes a lot more time than on a PC. idle breakout

Exactly what purpose does linking to the exact same thread serve?  I read through it, it does not mention testing with what I pointed out: Rogue Thief or Fighter Champion, plus the 25 strength, PLUS jump, PLUS the rest.  The person above tested with various normal combinations but didn't seem like they were trying to push for maximums, really.

Thief: You get to ADD dexterity bonus to the total for jumps.
Champion: You get to ADD strength bonus (not just strength) to the total for jumps.
Jump: triples jump distance, or adds 10 to the total, not sure which, but it definitely increases.
25 strength: maximum bonus to jumps from strength.
Athletics expertise: Not covered in their testing either, could potentially increase the distance.
Boots of Striding: saves you from having to make an athletics check, and maxes out whatever you have?  Or, sets to cap?  Or?  I'm not seeing anything better for description than, "Jump at maximum distance without risk".  This could be taken as 'maximum distance for the game' or 'maximum distance for that character', either way, without risk of failing and falling prone.  But, there is a HUGE difference between maximum distance in the game, and maximum distance for that character, IF the cap is farther than 5 tiles.  If it isn't, then the difference is probably so little that the boots become worthless.

Why worthless?  Because it is far too easy to get to a 25 strength.  So, regardless of proficiency or any other detail, if 5 tiles is the maximum, then jumping 5 tiles would require a DC15 jump check, correct?  25 strength gives +12.  15-12 is 3.  A THREE passes the check.  So, don't roll a 1 or 2.  That's almost 100% trivial.  Especially since there are any number of EASY ways to get a +2 bonus that would result in no roll at all.  Such as jump, enhance ability, monk Ki ability, proficiency, bard inspiration, and so much more.  If you are playing pretty much ANY party mix, you are almost guaranteed to have something that will give +2 to a roll.

And, even if you do not, unless they are trying to make that jump DURING COMBAT... they don't care about falling prone, so even rolling a 1 still succeeds at jumping 5 tiles.

So, please, troll again with just linking the same thread we are on so I can just report you for it.

If you actually have something constructive, then reply. I welcome real discussion, not rude replies. If I missed a specific piece of the post that truly answers? Quote THAT part. I have dyslexia, and rely heavily on auto-correct and other tech to help me read and respond. So, it is entirely possible I missed some piece, but I have tried reading through several times, and am pretty sure I didn't. Your response simply to link the exact same thread these comments are ON is rude, troll-like, etc. And, NOT appreciated, as it does not assist anyone and is purely to try and upset, rile up, etc... things against the rules on pretty much every forum I have ever been on.

Stop doing that.  If you have real assistance to give, then do so.  If you do not, don't or add conversational comments, or something.  But don't do what you just did, because that is very much meant to just provoke people seeking answers.  I don't think the moderators would appreciate that, and I don't think the company wants players who treat other players like that.

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I'm on a console, thus testing ideas like this takes a lot more time than on a PC. idle breakout

Exactly what purpose does linking to the exact same thread serve?  ...


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