Destination spot possible or impossible depending on camera angle

Level 14
2 years ago

cannot select any destination spot


can select destination spots

Forum editor doesn't let me insert the text above the images, so I'll describe the problem here.

In the library, on the NE corner at the same level as the entry (ingress), there's a rock to push. On the screenshots you can see one character near the rock.

I've spent a lot of time wondering how to get there, because depending on the camera angle, these spots are shown as inaccessible (crossed mouse cursor) or not. After a while and by luck, I rotated the camera just at the good angle and saw that I could go there!

I must say the camera is still my main adversary in this game, the game won't check the ground level under the camera and put it at ridiculous heights, or jump suddenly down and make it impossible to get an overview of the party. But that's the first time I see that it can also trick the player on the available actions.