Design the Mayor of Caer Cyflen (January Community Contest)

Level 1
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3 years ago

Keenelln Truemoon - Half Elf

If you imagine a typical half elf - lithe, graceful and relatively pretty - you'd have the antithesis of Keenelln Truemoon who was squat, portly, and carried himself like a drunk horse.

He was born in an unremarkable village to unremarkable parents and had an unremarkable childhood. His parents saved any extra coin they had for emergencies until one day a Halfling con artist fleeced them for everything they had. This didn't bother Keenelln much because it was after all, not his money. It did however open his eyes to how many fools there were in the world. After a bit of prep he left his village the following week, ready to make his fortune from some unfortunate rubes.

After being chased from several villages it turned out that Keenelln had greatly overestimated his own abilities. Shortly after arriving in Caer Cyflen he saw a group of law keepers carrying particularly large bags of gold and realised how foolish he'd been. Why should be be trying to break the law to get money when he could be having the money legally brought to him!

He created a fake list of credentials and managed to worm his way into galas where he could rub shoulders with the upper echelons of society in the city and schmoozed like a pro. By the end of the evening he had friends in all the right places and his campaign to become the mayor had begun. Over the next year Keenelln made plenty of empty promises and owed people favours he never intended to return but he had done it - he'd done the difficult part and become mayor! That was the difficult part, right?

It turns out that being a good liar and telling people exactly what they wanted to hear aren't great qualities when it comes to leadership. Keenelln is constantly stressed and more and more people are waiting on him to fulfill the promises he made and even more are expecting him to return favours now he's in power.

He does certainly have the gift of the gab and that's probably one of the only reasons he's managed to keep his job (and his head) so far. He doesn't stutter and he likes to talk to people in an almost overly personal way. He also has a Scottish accent, this isn't important but it is fun.

Keenelln is torn when it comes to adventurers. On the one hand they provide a much needed service, can be paid off the books if a dirty job needs doing, and they will often die on the job so he can pay them less (he strictly hires and pays them per person, never as a group. E.g. he'll pay a group of 5 30 gold each, not 150 gold for the party). On the other hand he does often have to pay them more for one job than he'll pay the entire garrison for a month and they have a terrible tendency to not take an IOU.

When he's not counting his money like some kind of clichéd mastermind, Keenelln has a fondness for rare birds. He reads books about them when he can and even has a couple he keeps as pets. He's particularly fond of Dyme, a flightless bird that he takes everywhere with him, even to formal events.

TLDRScam artist decides that being mayor is easy and profitable but it's definitely only profitable. He also really loves birds.

the Hamsters
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3 years ago (edited)

Ildar Drakebiter

First Name: Ildar (pronounced ill-dar) Surname: Drakebiter

Base Stats at Lv:10 STR 16(+3) DEX 9(-1) CON 16(+3) INT 13(+1 )WIS 12(+1) CHA 20(+5)

Race: human

Age: 52 

Class: fighter 

Alignment: LN 

Background: Cyflehavian Noble

Height 6’4’’ Weight:210 pounds 

Eyes: brown Hair: brown Facial Hair Style: bearded

Deity: worships deities of law or trade 

Profession: diplomat 

Habits/Hobbies: map making/geography

Languages: all local and common, elves, dwarfs, humans..

Weapon of Choice: longsword

Background: Ildar is the great grandson of a trader from the Kingdom of Gallivan named Kelben Alanbar. Kelben later took the surname Drakebiter after settling down in Caer Cyflen. He got the surname from a dwarven clan that he was trading with. As the story goes, a young drake ventured into their camp. The beast first seeing Kelben lunged forward at him. Kelben's first reaction was to go for its eyes with his mouth. He ended up pulling its eyes out with his teeth as he thrust his dagger into its side. With his fame following him to Caer Cyflen he was able to set up a successful trading guild. He eventually became one of the wealthiest people in the city. A few generations later Ildar seemed to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather by building a name for himself as successful map maker. In his travels with the family guild he would map out the best routes for each place they traveled. He also would take detailed notes about the local geography and people. Some even say he is responsible for mapping the route through the mountains to the Badlands. Being a seasoned traveler, he would encounter many people who came to him for his wisdom. Among these people were members of the Royal Family who held Ildar as a valued citizen of the Principality. Ildar eventually became a member of the nobility by marriage to a cousin of Her Royal Highness, Princess Ceiwad Silverflower. Soon after marriage into the nobility he was appointed as mayor of Caer Cyflen. As mayor he has been responsible for the daily welfare of the citizens of Caer Cyflen. In fact, Caer Cyflen has been more prosperous than it has ever been due to Ildar’s family history in trade and negotiations. Being the skilled politician as he is, her Royal Highness often calls on Ildar to be a diplomatic liaison that welcomes noted people to the city. Being mayor has been a great honor for Ildar. However, he longs for the days when he would get out and explore the realm.

Boo the Original Space Hamster

Ofek Shoham
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3 years ago (edited)

Mildra Fernshaper was born to a family that is rich, strict and traditional. Her grandfather, a talented farmer-turned-merchant, managed to accumulate quite a fortune in his life. Her father used the money to buy himself a name, and slowly advanced his political standing in hopes of becoming an important figure among the ruling party. He raised Mildra to be the perfect ruler, hoping that she would be able to finish his life's work. She was taught all the technicalities: history, law, dispute management and even some military tactics. Unfortunately, Mildra, even as a little girl, never seemed to care much for status and politics. Despite being witty and shrewed; a natural politician, as some would say, her despise towards both the nobility and the simple folk has lead to a lot of criticism and even some enemies. 

People who met her as a young girl would describe a bright, tough, sharp-tongued imp with no respect whatsoever to anyone. Eventually, some time before his death, her father managed to list her as a candidate for mayorship. At first she refused, wishing to find her own path in life. But then her father passed away due to a sudden heart attack. He never expressed it, but it lead to her thinking that his last wish was for her to lead as mayor. 

And so she fought ferociously for the role, only to be immensely bored with it a few years later down the line. 

When the players meet her, she definitely seems unfitting for her role. Rude, obviously bored, cynical and politically incorrect in any way possible, one would wonder how she ended up in this position anyway. A somewhat deeper look would reveal an intelligent, sharp and extremely talented leader, who takes no shit from anyone.

As for her attitude towards adventurers, she doesn't care much for them. As long as they don't cause any mess that might produce more paperwork for her, she's okay with them. However, she does have an eye for potentially useful political tools, should one introduce itself.

Level 1
3 years ago (edited)

"Remeber everyone has a place in this city, even if everyone things otherwise".

Those were the last words of my first meeting with the Mayor. That day I left the room with more questions than answers.

From the diary of the merchant Calun Res

Gouron also known as "Blackarrow" is the half-elf Mayor of Caer Cyflen. There's nothing special on his apprearance but it's almost impossible to not notice his shiny grey eyes tha give you the idea that they are capable to penetrate even your body.

The Mayor is a very busy man and usually likes to reach quickly to the point but he's also a very curious person, expecially when there are news and stories from lands very far away. He's polite and rarely looses his temper but it wasn't always like this. Gouron likes to keep his past mysterious and only few people know the entire story. One of them is of course his long time friend and scout Enarion Silverfox.

Gouron was born from a sylvan elf and a female woman. His father Aranel was an herbalist and also a merchant. He used to sell some of his decoctions also to a nearby small human village. It was there that he met Larna a young historian that was studying some ancient elves ruins nearby. Aranel was curious about this young interesting woman and agreed to help her with her research. Very soon the two felt in love and then came Gouron. Aranel deciced to move his laboratory to the village and everything was perfect. At the age of 6 Gouron had to face a tragic event. His father Aranel was accompanying Larna to some ruins but they were ambushed by a group of fanatic elves who believed that no human should desecrate their past. It was a terrible tragedy and Gouron was from that moment alone. It was a difficult situation and he was also an half-elf. It was then that a close friend of Aranel decided to do what everyone did not have the will or the courage to do. His name was Narga a female dwarf trader. From that moment Gouron became Narga assistant and apprentice, learning all the basics of commerce and clearly the dwarf stubbornness. In those early years Gouron was impatient and would easily lose his temper but as Narga would often say: "Once you lost control you have also lost your profit boy!".

Together they travel a lot for many years until Narga decided it was time to seetle somewhere. The perfect place was surely Caer Cyflen. The two openend a small shop on the market district selling some exotic and unique goods. It was then that Gouron met the scout Enarion Silverfox and he was fascinated by his job and archery skills. It wasn't easy to persuade Narga to leave his position to join the army scout force. 

With the guide of Enarion Gouron became a skilled archer and learned a lot of useful skills like following tracks and survival. It was there that he received his nickname "Blackarrow" for a special set of arrows with the head made by a unique dwarf dark iron (a present from Narga). His abilities was soon noticed by the time Mayor that wanted Gouron by his side as bodyguard but also as advisor. The two became close friends and for about 10 years Gouron learned all the "tricks" from Mayor but his past was about to come back again.

The elven fanatic movement wasn't disappeared in those years and after the lost of their previous leader a new terrible one step in: an elven mad mage known as Lonirel "the pure".

 One day the Mayor was on his way back from a close cousin wedding when his convoy was ambushed by the Lorinel and his warriors. It was a real caos and Lorinel managed to severely wound the Mayor. It was about to give the final blow but a black arrow from Gouron hit him on the palm of his hand. Lorinel managed to escape but the wound of the Mayor was critical. On the verge of death the Mayor decided that Gouron should be his next successor and asked the survivors to deliver his last wills to the princess of the Principality of Masgarth.

From that moment Gouron "Blackarrow" became the Mayor of Caer Cyflen with the hard task to continue the work of his friend and predecessor. Caer Cyflen is a big city where balance is not always easy but where everyone can have a place.

A typical day starts with the reading of the reports and with a brief meeting with some advisors. Then starts the moment when he receives the citizens or the foreign visitors. He usually has a brake in his small archery yard where he still practice with his black arrows. At least two times a week he goes to visit Narga shop in the market district.

Gouron has travelled a lot and he's very curious about the world, cultures and adventurer's reports. He has only one obsession: Lorinel and his band of fanatics who had already take away so much from him and many others.

3 years ago

Thogmold the Mute, as he is often referred to,  is the mayor of Caer Cyflen. Now I know what you are thinking, how can a mute be mayor of a major town? Well the title is a given nickname, as this misnomer could not be further from the truth. "Thogmold the Garrulous" is more appropriate as any small and menial response or inquiry is often met with a short story or yarn of "...the time Thogmold did this ... or the story of BLANK who did that" and often lasts a few minutes. In short, he draws things out. But don't mistake him for a sorry encounter, the people love him. 

The ultimate story teller, Thogmold might be better served performing in taverns and traveling shows than as mayor, but the people love him all the same. And that is no jest at his skills and the pride he takes in being a mayor. He is adored and often the talk of the town in his actions and demeanor. The dwarf exudes knowledge and experience. 

The son of a lowly shop owner specializing in books, Thogmold often found comfort and company in texts, poems, hymns and anything else that could be written down. Very much a scholar. Though as time passed and knowledge was gained - a fierce and mighty urge to share his wisdom with others grew in him. Not in boastful way, but with the idea in mind that he can do some good. The isolation of books led Thogmold to seek companionship, who now had more friends and knew more faces than the mayor. And what better way to enrich and improve the lives of friends and those faces than by sharing the vast knowledge that resides in Thogmold's brain. Be it economy, cooking, poetry, mathematics and science, athletics or the arts - Thogmold was you man. He especially enjoyed the tales recounting legends of old and their achievements or perils that shaped who they were. 

Thogmold draws in young and old alike, is as friendly as he is caring, never underestimating the value of a friend. Though cross him and you will regret it as his knowledge of military epics and countless tales of heroes dealing with bandits has made him very aware that not everyone is inherently good. He cherishes every encounter with those willing to engage him in a chat. Adventurers may sacrifice a bit of time, but any encounter with Thogmold is surely to leave you smiling. He is as comfortable at a tavern top as he is behind his mayoral desk or in the gardens of the manor.

Most of his monotonous duties are carried out as one would expect a re-born extrovert would handle them. And while they are done precisely and with good measure, the daily tasks Thogmold takes most pleasure and pride in the face to face relationships he gets to create and grow - whether they be for the good of the city or just leisure. If it gains the town an ally or a trade partner - great, and if it just leaves somebody smiling in a sometimes hard and dangerous life - all the better!

This is the mayor of Caer Cyflen, clear your immediate schedules and come say hello!

Level 1
3 years ago (edited)

This short rotund & jovial dwarf is none other than Mayor: Haldrig Skandroksson

Mayor Haldrig is beloved by his people and cares deeply for each and every citizen. Everyone knows when the mayor is in a room because his voice is so unique. He has a Loud & memorable laugh. It erupts from his belly and can vibrate a room. It is often joked you can hear his laugh clear to the next town. His normal voice is friendly, yet efficaciou, and full of bass. When his pitch changes to a more monotone sound you know he is deep in thought or worried.

Haldrig Skandroksson had successful career in the local militia for 79 years moving up in rank quickly. He is well known and honored for winning the battle of (insert relevant battle). But in said battle he heroically lost his left hand and can no longer wield shield and ax. His charisma and renown lead to an offer from the princess to retire from the militia and take the position of Mayor. Loving his home and people he happily accepted the position and views it as a new way to serve his homeland. He was appointed on his 96th bday & has been mayor for 24 years now. He & the princess get along quite well and have a great deal of mutual respect for each other.

Mayor Haldrig loves any chance to host a boisterous celebration or talk about his military days. Witnessing so much death on the battlefield has given him a carpe diam type attitude. He enjoys each day as if it were his last. He views being mayor an honor and part of who he is. He is very welcoming to all newcomers and even offers to show them around personally when they arrive. He has a firm opinion on right and wrong and condones thugs who prey on those physically weaker.

Haldrig is up before the sun most days, a habit carried over from his militia days. He can be found in his office taking care of his mundane duties early so as to have plenty of time for enjoyment later. By lunch he is often out and about. Although he takes his duties as mayor very seriously he often avoids the “boring ” parts. To the annoyance of his halfling secretary (Rosie Swiftwind) paperwork is often deemed less important than walking about town and talking with the citizens. Without Rosie none of the clerical work would get finished on time. If you can catch him in the office, Haldrig has an open door type policy for his citizens if they have a problem or concern.

What are their little pleasures in life? A good Inn & pub can bring great joy to an adventurer & townsfolk alike. Who doesn’t like a quality mug of ale and a tantalizing story to keep you on the edge of your seat? Simple shops with tasty treats & rare trinkets can always bring a smile. But the number one little pleasure in Caer Cyflen is their song birds. These beautiful little birds are native to Caer Cyflen and treasured by the people. To hear one sing brings the most delightful sense of peace.

Mayor Haldrig Skandroksson

Gender – Male

Race – Dwarf

Age – 120 years old

Vague appearance – 4’6 156lb just a bit rotund for a dwarf - obviously has seen more swanky dinners than battles the past years.

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3 years ago

Thaddeus Arthuran Mirkpool, “The Blackspear”

Mayor of Caer Cyflen

Marshall (retired) of the 11th Legion of Masgarth

Former Captain of the Spendid Score mercenary company. 

Hero and defender of Caer Cyflen.

Lost an eye defending the town with his mercenary company who were all killed except for himself, one of his 2 best friends, Silasarian (Silas) Briarbranch Kalso a marsh halfling), and his trusty steed, Snarltooth, a giant badger.

Thaddeus was a rogue scout in his early military career and later became a chevalier in the Hussars before attaining the rank of Marshall, and being given command of the 11th Legion.  Once he retired, he founded the Splendid Score sellsword company with 19 of his closest friends from the Legion.

Halfling (Marsh)

Level 3 rogue (scout)/ Level 6 Fighter (cavalier)

He has his signature black spear he found out on campaign after a raid on a troll lair.  It is an ancient weapon of some power. 

He is brash and boastful, but can back it up.  He’s a military man first, politician second.  

He has a boisterous and jolly manner but is a serious man beneath that charming exterior.  When he is in a good mood or making an effort to be accommodating and cordial he will say things like “Come, my friend.  Let us have a goblet of spirits, smoke some marsh-grown pipeweed, and discuss our options".

When it comes to military matters, matters of town security, metting out justice, or policy execution, he becomes serious and sometimes severe.  

When he is in this mindset, he does not like to be challenged and will often say something like “Don’t you tell me how this is to be done, boy!  I have more experience in my hairy left toe than you have in that 10-pound stone you call your noggin!”

He gets on well with the leaders of the town guard who are competent, dutiful, and loyal, but he despises lack of discipline and incompetence, and several of the town guard fit that description well.  He’d strangle them if he could get away with iit.He makes a strong effort to get along with the Princess of the Principality of Masgarth, but often finds her difficult to relate to.  From his point of view, she is a royal first, politico second, and a leader of her people, a distant 3rd.  He may be wrong in that assessment but its how he sees her.

He will get along with adventurers that seem to have honor and a sense of duty.  He likes a drink like most fighting men, but drunkeness or other severe vices will turn him against the characters.  If they seem good hearted and genuine, he will trust his judgement of good character.  If they seem malicious, ill-tempered, and/or not forthright, he with be suspicious of the adventurers.

As for Thadeus's daily routine, he will generally take care of any correspondence and affairs of justice first thing in the morning while smoking his pipe.  If possible, he lijes to observe drill and training of the militia and town guard before lunch, and then receive petitioners, guests, and dignitaries after lunch.

Level 3
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3 years ago (edited)

Gothagara Cragtolm, Mayor of Caer Cyflen

Gothagara Cragtolm is a female Dwarf, in her mature years. She’s not an elderly but has the insight and the wisdom that old wise people can have.

Gothagara has never been an explorer nor an adventurer. The best adventures she could ever expect always have been with books and archives. As a matter of facts, until recently, she and her husband, Thelnur, were archivists and private researchers, owning the largest book collection of Caer Cyflen. That’s why they’re known as being “the memory” of Caer Cyflen and its surrounding parts but also as dwarf lore keepers.

Gothagara didn’t intend to be mayor but was fully devoted to the previous mayor, Lord Hoghton, for she was his First Deputy Mayor. Lord Hoghton died of sickness during his mandate; Gothagara accepted to fulfil her engagements and took the position of Mayor.

Although respected, Gothagara speaks with a strong dwarvish accent and is sometimes made fun of because of that by her detractors. She’s also known for being energetic and scatterbrained, for example forgetting that her glasses are on top of her head while looking for them. But make no mistakes, she never forgets a face or a fact. Some might say that her hectic attitude reveals the fact that she doesn’t like her status of Mayor or isn’t made for it.

On the contrary, those who have a little insight of Gothagara during her working hours could argue with this. She has a tremendous respect for the princess of the Principality of Masgarth, takes her job very seriously and is willing to welcome, serve and understand those who seek her aid. She warmly welcomes strangers and help them, as long as they don’t cause any trouble in Caer Cuflen.

Although being passionate about her current position, Gothagara is realistic: if she doesn't renew her mandate, she and her husband will continue their former activity.

Meanwhile, she’s proud of the city and serves its inhabitants keenly. Her daily routine always starts with a walk along the park then she works until the sun sets. In case of doubts or when she’s stuck with an unsolvable question, she always takes a walk in the park to “clear her mind”.

At the end of the day she enjoys having a cup of tea with her husband and their huge and leisurely watchdog, Tick-Tock. They talk about anything but political affairs, sometimes reading letters they receive from their son, Thevran, who lives in a bigger city, or sharing their impression on various authors. Once a week, she participates in the local book club, “The Speaking Volumes Book Club”, led by Thelnur.

[PS: I’m sorry if there’re any misspelling for English isn’t my native language. Names could be changed to fit the linguistics of Solasta.]

Level 5
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3 years ago

Adegan Disregard is a quite complex Half-Elf, always seeming content with the situation, yet never seeming happy with anything. He talks with a measured voice and chosen words, but somehow always seems to contain behind his haughty, elegant, bearing an internal rage ready to boil over. In his image, his ascension to power was rather controversial. Born of an elven mother, Shalya, and a human father, Edwin Thorkell; his mother’s life was wrecked when his father learned of her pregnancy. As eager as he was to share her bed, his prestigious status would not suffer to share his life with her; she was nothing, a mere tavern wench, while he had great views for his career. He was clear, and threatening, as to their nonexistent future.

Adegan grew up in the modest living of a tavern wench’s son. In his early years, he learned to clean, to wait table and to listen. He listened to adventurous stories from travelers and adventurers, to disputes, from couples and from merchants or otherwise business associates, down to simple gossip from townsfolk. And so, over the years he learned people. He learned what made them tic, what made them talk, what made them silent. And he learned secrets, only disclosed in hushed whispers or in drunken breathes. Spending his early tens with a teacher who was a regular patron, he even learned to read. His mind was swift, and the teacher thought it a shame to let the lad analphabet.

When he reached his fifteen, his mother told him of his father. Edwin had advanced in his career plans, and was then an advisor to the mayor, whom he clearly intended to supplant. If asked, Adegan would probably admit that “maybe” there was some anger involved when he decided to thwart his father’s plans, but when he tells the story, his main concern was to not see that dishonorable, irresponsible man at the head of this city.

Too young to act directly at the time, Adegan started to use his ways with people to learn and spill a few secrets, just enough to hinder his father’s power and strengthen the mayor’s, so that the first could not overthrow the last. It lasted a few years, until he could enter the political circle himself. In his early twenties, he used of blackmail to force a powerful family to adopt him, and provide a seat as one of the mayor’s councilor. The money and influence that position granted him, he used to install his mother in a comfortable house, and into diverse briberies that served his scheme. The mayor resigned because of his advanced age not long after, and Adegan found himself competing against his father for the position. The other contenders, Adegan had made sure to persuade away beforehand.

Soon, all the most embarrassing of Edwin’s secrets, all but Adegan himself, along with a few false ones, but supported by very convincing witnesses, destroyed his reputation, and Adegan was left alone in lice, and watched his father despairing as his ‘career’ fell to pieces. Adegan was quite pleased to escort Edwin to an inn, and reveal himself by simply saying : “I’m sure you’ll do a fine tavern wench, father.”

After his appointment as mayor, he rescinded the adoption he had orchestrated, and named himself Adegan “Disregard”, because it is what destroyed his mother and what made him, and now he his what happens when one disregards the benefit of his city.

It has been almost two decades, and Adegan has proved times and again that his schemes are efficient and ruthless, but always to the greater benefice of Caer Cyflen. He has no open enemy, because he his met with a lot of approbation and a lot of fear. Still, he mostly deals fairly, and his ways have been keeping the city out of conflicts.

Nowadays, he spares some time for his aging mother, whom he visits once a week, and he keeps spending a few evenings in the tavern, where he listens to the people, the life, the city. This proximity gives him a lot of sympathy in the folks' eyes, and a noticeable relevance in his management of the city. Most of his time he spends in the city hall, solving the town’s issues and anticipating the nefarious plots of some or another power player, to keep a step ahead and a lasting stability.

Yannick Dupré


Level 3
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3 years ago

With the excavation of Manacalon antiquities being such a prized part of the Principality's position in the world, it was only natural that their mayor was chosen from among the ranks of its many scholars and archaeologists.

Irieal Dustweaver was one of the latter, a bronzed elven woman who had spent many a year out in the Badlands, leading a team in excavating Manacalon relics and antiques, not for the political power it gave the Principality like others, but purely out of the pursuit of knowledge. When she first took the the Badlands, she wasn't taken entirely seriously; a sylvan elf, in the wastelands of the Badlands? But she soon proved herself among those at dig sites for her unshakeable will, willingness to work long hours, no-nonsense attitude towards the respect and preservation of the relics, and an uncanny luck in finding appropriate digsites. Soon enough, she was gathering like-minded archaeologists, those focused on preservation and knowledge, and she built a team around those values. They weren't the easiest to work with; Irieal was often uncompromising in her values when it came to the relics, and her hot temper had a habit of flaring up if she was pressed, but none could deny the quality of their work.

Irieal would have happily kept to her work in the Deadlands, had it not been for an accident on a dig site her and her team were working on. The tunnel they were working on was unstable, and despite their utmost caution, a stray pick set off a chain reaction, leading to the collapse. Irieal was the last to emerge from the tunnel, ensuring first and foremost for her team's safety but, it came at a cost. She got out just a moment too late, her arm got trapped in the rubble and crumpled under the weight of the stone. Her team dug her out, but, even with magical healing, her arm was left too damaged to take back up the archaeology she so loved. Regretfully, she returned from the Badlands to Caer Cyflen, and moved from the fieldwork of archaeology to the admin side, cataloguing and sorting relics, ensuring the fair split and distribution of relics amongst members of the Legacy Council, the distribution of funds to teams looking to start new digs, et cetera. Her notoriously hot temper cooled a touch as she gained more and more experience within the administrative field (Or, perhaps she was simply better at hiding it), and she learned to compromise a bit more, though, ensuring the archaeologists and scholars got reasonable pay and opportunity to continue their work was something she never backed down on.

At first, when Irieal was approached for the position of Mayor due to her administrative work in the archaeology field, she considered turning it down. While she loved Caer Cyflen dearly, she still felt tied to the world of archaeology, tied down by her dreams made impossible by her injury. It was ultimately her team that supported her and helped her to move on, encouraging her to take the passion she had had in leading their team, and take it to leading and supporting the people of Caer Cylfen. Still to this day, she has regular get-togethers with her team when they return from the Badlands, and often they serve as unofficial advisors and a support network, as well as an 'on-the-ground' source of the situations in the Badlands.

As the Mayor, Irieal seems to have shifted her protectiveness towards relics to the people of Caer Cyflen, and she fights passionately for them whenever the occasion arises, which has caused some friction before between her and her higher-ups, but she seems unconcerned with this fact. She keeps an open-door policy to the job, and any citizen of Caer Cyflen can come to her office and speak to her directly on issues they have, and often she will delay meetings with higher-ups to have these meetings with the populace. Her workaholic tendencies have stayed with her too, and her staying back to work late into the night is not an uncommon occurance, often having to be shooed home by her staff. She keeps her words and intentions plain, leaving formal speech near exclusively for when meeting with higher-ups, and isn't afraid to challenge points set before her if she has an issue with them, irregardless of the rank of the person saying them. Because of this, her first encounters with adventurers from outside the city are often a little offputting, she isn't afraid to let them know her first loyalty is to Caer Cyflen, and she'll suffer no wrongs made against the city or its people, although scholarly types get a bit of a softer reception. If the adventurers however aid the city or its people, she'll fight as strongly for them as she would any citizen of the city, and provide aid if they need it. Despite making herself available to the people for the majority of her waking hours, what little bit of private life she does have she guards religiously, and when she does get a free moment, she likes to go to libraries, museums, and small taverns towards the outskirts of town incognito, to indulge a little in the past that brought her to today.

3 years ago (edited)

Quinta "Quinny" Wolfram is not the mayor.

Quinny is a petite dark-haired human woman, the fifth and youngest daughter of Corvus Wolfram, the current Mayor of Caer Cyflen. Her father, earlier in his life, was a legendary mercenary captain, he later became the victorious general of the Principality of Masgarth, and is now the trusted statesman of the Capital City.

Corvus became the Mayor following the "Gambit of Turnwall's Farm", one last successful campaign to defend the city against not one but two marauding armies: preventing them from joining, tricking one to the East while destroying the other in the West. Loved by the people, called to Office by the Princess, he took over as the mayor and led wide, far-reaching improvements to the streets, the water works, and enabled the successful establishment of trade routes that have made the city prosperous, its nobles affluent, and the people grateful.

Nowadays, Corvus is sick and bedridden. He has been for more than a year now. He leads his beloved City from his bedroom, relaying his edicts, decisions, and letters through his trusted daughter Quinny. Quinny has been on the City Council for as long as her father has been Mayor, and before that she was her father's aide, librarian, and overall superintendent. When her mother died, Quinny was the last daughter to have not married: she naturally became the lady of the house and took care of the domain. Then she took care of the City, allowing her father to be Mayor in appearances, get the honors while she really suggested and wrote the policies, drafted the plans, negotiated with the guilds. Corvus loves her for it, admires her as his most beloved daughter, even if he is pained to see her live in his shadow, unmarried, and lonely.

When her father took ill, Quinny just assumed her father's responsibilities except in all considerations except in name. It was no big change, at 34, she had managed her father's affairs, negotiated trade deals, and had effectively ran Caer Cyflen, turning it over 10 years in the thriving capital it is today. She is a scholar: she knows history, mathematics, accounting and even military strategy. Some suggest her father's greatest victory at Turnwall's Farm might have been her idea: her father, who would have probably won the battle through his own prowesses, would be the first to recognize that his daughter's advice, in this campaign, certainly saved thousands of his soldiers' lives. As intelligent and smart as she is, Quinny is plain. Not like her sisters, beauties, all of them, married to merchants and lordlings. She dresses simply, modestly. Never showed interests in suitors, although there were a few. There was this clumsy young mage she really liked, the third son of a council member, a bit bulky, funny ears, smart, very capable, just not so good with women. She loved him for that. He liked her too. But had she married, she would not have been able to follow her calling: the City is her passion and her responsibility. She speaks firmly, smartly, rarely repeats herself. She does not need to. Many adventurers underestimated her: she has no magic powers, no weapon mastery, no stealth skills. She needs none of them. One minute in her office, by her father's room, talking to her and listening to her commands or advice is enough to understand the City is hers. If you want to work here, make sure you understand what she wants, and deliver it, or you will never find work at Caer Cyflen, nor will you be allowed back. 

Quinny would be the best possible Mayor simply because she effectively acted as such for 10 years. But Quinny is a woman. And the City Charter is so very clear: the Mayor must be a man. Oh yes, Masgarth can have a Princess but Caer Cyflen, its capital, still has this antiquated rule. The Princess, the Court, the Merchants, even foreign envoys know she is the power of City Hall, but the city folks, the people, do not know. Nor do they care. The people like Kip Maxence, the charismatic, handsome, young,and powerful head of the Stone Guild: Kip is clever, ambitious, wealthy, successful. He was nobody two years ago, became one of the richest trader overnight, and now spreads his influence all over town. He is not good mayor material but the people don't care because he is such a good guy, and has been good to all, inviting even the less successful traders and craftsmen to his parties. No matter the rumors he is bankrolled by foreign principalities. Time for Corvus to take a bow, and take his plain old-maid of a daughter with him!

So to the Princess, the Court, and everyone that love Masgarth, it is essential that Corvus does not die. Because Quinny is the only thing that stands between the order and prosperity of Caer Cyflen, and the threat they suspect Kip Maxence to be. Because as unjust as it is, today, and until the rule changes, Quinny is not the Mayor.

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“Welcome, welcome fair friends of fae and folk! I am Staefan Fellunaes, your humble host of this Pearl of the Planes, your most modest mayor of Caer Cyflen.”

Staefen Fellunaes strikes a distinguished, yet dashing silhouette. Crowned with striking blue hair and suits as sharp as his ears, the deceptively ageless high elf knows that his is a position fraught with uncertainty and intrigues; intrigues that one must always remain two draughts ahead of. He plays the game well: cordial and generous, engaging and affable. The quintessential diplomat with an easy, disarming smile, and an endearing habit of speaking in alliterative phrases, Staefen is promptly and politely at the beck and call of his ward...or so it would seem.

Beneath the colourful coif and well-manicured facade, Staefen Fellunaes is no less than a council of mages engaged in eternal, unending struggle versus the chaos. Staefen Fellunaes is more than an individual, Staefen Fellunaes is a council of arcane spell masters ceaselessly damming the darkness that seeps across the lands like a viscous oil. One of the council always appears via Alter Self as the dashing elf known to uninitiated as Staefen Fellunaes. The mages each carry their own items and trinkets, but a Medallion of Thoughts is ubiquitous. The Staefen Fellunaes seek out travellers and adventurers under the pretense of offering aid and hospitality, but all the while their true purpose is to learn of unexplored lore, of emerging threats to the lands, and perhaps, to enlist a stout ally or two in the struggle for the realm. 

Knight Terrors

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Molly Saltwash


(1) Tell us about the past of your Mayor. What did they do before? Why did they want to become Mayor? How did they become Mayor?

Molly Saltwash is the daughter of fishers and netmakers, who spent her formative years in the marshlands. Though she was accustomed to an often mucky life in the marshes, she dreamt of something more—a grander, cleaner life that could be found in urbanity. 

Molly has a knack for wheeling and dealing, and volunteered to negotiate transactions with traveling traders as often as she could. One year, a friendly caravanner—a hill dwarf by the name of Bardi “Butterfingers” Ketilsson—took a liking to the shrewd halfling, and offered to take her along to the market in Caer Cyflen. Once Molly laid eyes on a city—a real city with paved streets, delicately manicured gardens, buildings as tall as the sky—she knew she could never live out her days in the marshland she had for so long called “home”. 

After a contentious “good-bye” with her family, Molly moved to Caer Cyflen and rose up in society as a guildswoman, using her wit not only to charm customers but also her competitors. She made enough money for herself, her ventures, and her family.

After a few years, Molly caught the eye of a local government worker, a clerk who had worked with Molly with more than a few inane stacks of paperwork for her various business ventures. Keri Leanbough, a half-elf, invited Molly along to a party hosted by the city’s Master of Coin. 

      “We may get quite a few noses turned down at us,” said Keri. “But my plan is to be too busy sampling wine to care.” Molly attended the party, and took nicely to this bit of decadence. There, she met the Mayor’s assistant, also in attendance and representing the then-Mayor of Caer Cyflen. Once plied with a few glasses of sparkling rose petal wine, the young human man decided he really liked this Molly and the rest, well, is history. 

Molly transitioned into the political sphere, gaining experience by working in the Mayor’s cabinet and then eventually taking the prime seat for herself.

(2)The Mayor is an NPC you will meet in-game. What are little details in their speech that will make players remember them? What's their personality like?

Molly has adopted a more elite way of speech because she feels that suits her station, though a bit of a Marshland accent remains. She has a more authoritative presence than her stature and background would suggest—but where some might command with loud boasts and insult, Molly commands with subtle charm and sharp wit. 

Molly also has an ego. She has dealt with a hefty share of condescension due to her background and race. Her temper will reach a boiling point if anyone treats her like a child or a simpleton. 

(3) Tell us about the daily life of your Mayor. How do they feel about adventurers? What are their little pleasures in life? 

Molly’s adventurous spirit called her from the marshland and she wishes her present duties allowed her more time to travel. She satiates that thirst for new sights and experiences through the tavern tales of adventuring parties who happen to cross her path in Caer Cyflen. She may have an idealized attitude toward the adventuring life and is not totally aware of the dangers it presents.

Molly loves clothes and jewelry. Passing tradespeople with baubles for sale will always catch her eye. However, despite her love of finery, she still enjoys fishing in a pair of comfortable overalls—though she doesn’t have a lot of time for it now. In odd moments of downtime or when she’s mulling over a particularly complex problem, she knits to keep her hands busy. It reminds her of making nets with her family, when she was younger. Her “happy place” is sitting by the shore of a lake, ocean, or even a marsh; her line cast; and a witty friend to keep her company.

Lady Sundae

Gerrit Deike
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An Exzerpt of the Memoires of Eldon Whitewater, Mayor of Caer Cyflen

„Grandma Cora used to say; ‘Us Halflings, we keep our noses outta trouble and responsibility will look the other way.’ I shudda listened to her advice.” The middle-aged Halfling said, before taking a deep sip from his mug of ale.

He wiped the foam from his mouth before continuing. “Don’t you go gettin me wrong. I love the position I’m in now. It’s just that I ain’t had no say in gettin it.”

“Ya see, I used to be a ship’s captain with a crew an all. The Spoondrift Maiden. She was a beauty. One of the fastest ships at sea. With the right wind she could out run any other ship out there. My crew and I would sail her across the seas. Sometimes we’d haul cargo, an’ other times we would do some smuggling. Workin’ the sea is a rough. Ya gotta take whatever job ya offered. But there was one line we’z never did cross. We’z never did nuttin that harmed innocent people. No sir’re. We never did that. Quite the opposite acutally and that’s what got me where I am today.”

“The old mayor, the guy runnin’ Caer Cyflen before me, he wasn’t that nice of a guy. Oh sure, on the outside he was always kiss’n babies and shak’n hands, but behind closed doors he wasn’t all that nice. Ya see, he had this notion of want’in to control everyone in the city. Make em all peaceful like. So, he hired himself a mighty powerful witch to cast some kinda charm spell on everyone in Caer Cyflen. Thing was, this witch, I think her name was Miranda, had her own plans and they weren’t nearly as peaceful as the that there mayors were.”

“She cast her spell, but instead of everyone just becoming docile, they became really docile like. They just lay down where ever they was stand’n and stopped do’in anythin’ else.”

“After that she let loose a group of ghouls within the city. Them their undead started feastin’ on the poor townfolk. And those they didn’t have for dinner, they turned into more Ghouls.”

“Luckily, me and my crew arrived in Caer Cyflen on the even’in after the spell was cast. That way we wasn’t affected. See’in what was happenin’ we started kill’in them Ghouls, but I quickly realized that we had to fight the problem at its source. So, we fought our way to the center of the city and there standing over some kinda strange brazzer stood Miranda chantin’ her spell. Protectin’ her were more of them ghastly undead, so we to the fight to them.”

“In the end we won. We managed to defeat Miranda and break the spell, but at a high price. Most of my crew died that day. Those that survived went back to the Spoondrift Maiden an’ took her back out to sea, but the townsfolk of Caer Cyflen were so happy that we saved them, that they made me their new mayor and I been it ever since…”

“As for the old mayor, not quite sure what became of him. If he wasn’t killed by them damned Ghouls, he probably hightailed it out of town an’ will stay as far away as possible.”

If you think you're to small to make a difference, try going to sleep with a mosquito in the room… (Dalai Lama)

Level 5
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1.Tell us about the past of your Mayor. A.What did they do before? B. Why did they want to become Mayor? C. How did they become Mayor?  

Nathan looked in the mirror and noticed the same thing he saw every day for the past 40 years. A man who didn't appear to age. He hasn't been able to confirm his suspicions but he believe he is very likely of elven heritage, or at least half-elven.  That would explain the lack of wrinkles.  You see, he looks entirely human other than his long,shockingly white hair, some people avoid him out of fear, believing him to be some cursed, offspring , abandoned at the city gates on a cold winter night for lack of will or love to raise a “cursed” baby. The position of mayor now allows him some. . . measure of financial freedom giving him the ability to hire various illustrious historian/mages to find some trace of his past before his being left at the gates some 48 years earlier. Unfortunatley ,so far, the only information he has is from the former mayor, George  Hastil  pronounced  “ hawk” - “still” who brought him in and found him a home with his younger brother Nathaniel and his wife Leah. The childless couple  raised him as their own and he never knew anything was “different” about himself until on his 18th birthday, growing increasingly frustrated at not being able to grow a beard like his friends, his parents told him of how he came to be “theirs”  He found out that a note was attached to his clothing with the words. “ Whisper” and “ Tantinopuul”  written in an elegant hand and strangely, including  instructions on how to pronounce this word. "It must be Pronounced  (Stressed on  underlined) “Tahn”-“ Teen”-“ No “- “ Pool they didn’t want their baby boy to be ridiculed by the other children so they gave him the shortened version of his new “father’s” name. Nathan Hastil was his name and he didn’t see the sense in changing it at 18 so he kept it. That birthday revelation did explain a few things. He had “abilities” that neither of his “ parents” had. His mother encouraged him to read and he excelled at it. In fact, he could read something or be given a set of instructions one time and simply NEVER forget it. Word for word he could recall anything he read or heard. He used this to excel at every job he had growing up, quickly becoming someone whom the mayor and many others became enamored of. His love of the hunt and his uncanny ability to find prey and bring it down with an arrow from 100 paces made him popular with the hunter’s guild. The position of mayor was really a no-brainer after being “groomed” by the former mayor before he retired to live out the remainder of his days in solitude and reflection. That coupled with his love of the common man and his joy in helping people seemed like a "natural fit" for him.

2. The Mayor is an NPC you will meet in-game. What are little details in their speech that will make players remember them? What's their personality like?

For all of Nathan’s appearance to be obviously human, other  than his striking,unusual hair  the color of snow,  he speaks with a slight “lilting” of his voice which is almost “melodic” and when he gets happy this seems to be somewhat magnified. He can sing “like a bird” and his heart is woven into anything he does sing and he has been known to make those around him cry if he’s singing a tragic song of loss. Almost as if he “paints pictures” with his words.

3. Tell us about the daily life of your Mayor. How do they feel about adventurers? What are their little pleasures in life?

Nathan’s days are mostly full of boredom as anything  involving the daily rigors of a mayor and the various hoops a mayor has to jump through are handled with ease as his seemingly endless supply of knowledge garnered from reading so much makes the rigors for most seem like child’s play for him. He absolutely loves to read so his “little pleasures” are a daily occurrence for him .His personal obsession with reading and knowledge drives him to read everything he can find. He loves the thought of going on some great quest to find his origins some  day ( which probably can’t happen- him being the mayor and all) but hasn’t found any takers of his offer to pay them handsomely for factual information about his “ roots”. He realizes it’s a long shot with so little to go on but he holds out hope that one day someone will try.