Demo Update - New Camera Options

Tactical Myzzrym
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3 years ago (edited)
Hello folks!
Many of you told us that your experience playing with the camera in the Demo was... less than stellar. Well, worry no more! We're coming out with an update to the Demo, with more camera options and a few fixes.

How do I access the New Version for the Demo?

As we don't want break everything right before the week-end, we're currently rolling out the new version of our Demo on a separate branch - meaning that you will need to do some extra step to update your game. Let me guide you through them.
1. Go to your Game Libraryand right click on Solasta: Crown of the Magister DemoClick on Properties.
2. Select the BETAS Tab. Under "Select the beta you would like to opt into", choose "beta -"
3. Close Properties. The new update should now download.

Patch Notes

1. There are now 3 different Camera Modes in the Settings Panel
  • Spring is the new default camera mode. It will follow the party around, but also allow players to move the camera around with the directional keys or simply by moving the mouse to the edge of the screen. If the player is not controlling the camera anymore, after a short time it will drag the camera back to the party. 
  • Follow is the old camera mode. It will follow the party around, and players will not be able to move it outside combat.
  • Free is the last camera mode. It allows the player to move the camera around, and will only go back to the party if the player presses "Tab" or clicks on a Character Portrait twice. 
Please give the Demo another go and tell us which Camera mode you preferred! 
2. Reaction Timer is now disabled by default. Solasta: Crown of the Magister being a Turn-Based game, quite a few of you raised the point that there is no reason to add time constraints to certain actions. Note that it can be reactivated it in the Settings (right above the Camera Mode selection)
3. We've also fixed a couple of issues that you reported!
A little doodle by our Art Director for all of our fans out there!
A little doodle by our Art Director for all of our fans out there!

Social Stretch Goals - Almost there!

Remember the Social Stretch Goal Table? Well, we're very close to reaching some of these numbers!
Note: The Social Goals Table will be updated on Monday.

Support us on Kickstarter!

Support us on Kickstarter!

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3 years ago

The heroes we need.

3 years ago
Thanks for the update. i notice in the spider combat i still cant move the camera to actually see the spiders on the wall. I can only attack by clicking on their portrait. Plus the battle log (top right corner) covers some of the portraits whilst in combat? Did you consider making it a little clearer which character had the active turn in combat, i know the portrait is a little larger but could be clearer. I assume the battle log will include more information (for ppl new to the game mechanic, e.g disadvantage due to poor light, or cursed, or ...). Keep up the great work!
Level 4
Mayor's Ring (Bronze)
3 years ago

Thank you for adding different options for the camera, I found it much easier to navigate around the dungeon.

I initially preferred the free camera mode, but when I entered multi-level area, the camera went out of focus and everything turned haze-y/fuzzy, which I think need to be addressed: 

I wonder if anyone else experienced the same thing?

Space Dog
Level 4
3 years ago

I just want to be able to look directly ahead to get my bearings in the maze-like 3D dungeon. A realistic eye-level view would be really immersive too, as is apparent from the dialogues / cutscenes.

Dragon Age: Origins has a pretty perfect camera. You can quickly and intuitively mousewheel-zoom between an immersive OTS / exploration view and a top-down tactical view. Something similar for Solasta would be great.

Tactical Zaz
Level 8
3 years ago

Thanks for the feedbacks,

As you know, the cameras we added in the patch were not good enough, initially, that's why we released the demo with the "follow" cam, and we know we still have some work to fix all the issues it's important for us to know which approach you prefer.


5 months ago

I have the 'move camera with screen borders' selected under Settings/Game/Camera, however moving the mouse cursor to the screen edges still doesn't move the camera?  

Are there other settings that need to be changed?  I have tried changing the Graphics Settings under 'Fullscreen Mode.'

5 months ago

Omg, selecting 'Confine Cursor to Window' under GUI/General makes it works! Hooray!

Such a beautiful game btw.