Demo Thoughts

2 years ago

First off I just wanna say I loved it. It's very faithful to D&D and I love the fresh spin on a new world with new lore. The combat felt right and I really liked the interactive objects in the levels, not to mention the verticality of the levels themselves. UI was smooth and character creation was in-depth, it really felt like a I was making a D&D character.

A few things that erked me.

1. No zoom on camera. I spent half the time, when exploring, just trying to see my character through the terrain.

2. The upward stare of shorter races. When the shorter races look up their eyes don't match the angle of their head. It gives them a look of either extreme boredom or intoxication. Ive seen this problem before in games like Neverwinter Nights 2 . Maybe just make their heads tilt a little more than normal when their attention is snapped to something taller than them. I know it shouldnt seem like that big of a deal but when the game constantly zooms in on the characters for cutscenes it kinda breaks my immersion.

3. Input latency? I dont know what else to call it. It usually only happened when I was stealthing around on the rogue. Say I were to miss-click on a location I DID NOT want to walk to.(usually do to the camera jumping around between the levels of the map, thanks no zoom lol) When I try to click back to the intended area the character takes at least 2-3 seconds to respond to that command, sometimes climbing/jumping things it shouldnt because of that latency. I'm sure this could be remedied by a hotkey for the pause function but I wasn't able to use that in this demo for some reason.( should be space bar imo)

4. Maybe a few more choices in face/hair/beard selection. I know its just a demo maybe its not the final, maybe it is. Either way thats what modders are for or maybe Devs will surprise us........ WHO KNOWS not a huge deal .

At the end of the day I had a good time with it and cant wait to play the full release. Really awesome job so far guys! Please gives those three issues a once over at least, I know I cant be the only one that noticed them.

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2 years ago

Thanks for the feedback! Zoom is getting added as we speak (not in the demo though), the rest I'm sharing with the team :)