Demo - Loved the improvements in gameplay and render, UI/UX not so much

2 weeks ago

I was eager to try the character creator and the updated demo, and I was not disappointed :) I love the upgraded rendering, the spell visual effects and sound ambiance. Also cinematics that seemed awkward now looks nice. The changes in the battle UI are great - I enjoyed battles a lot more than in the previous demo! Crushing the small spiders was exciting and wiping the orcs from the next room through clever tactics ...! Awesome.

My main frustration during this whole experience came from poor UI/UX design. It made me stumble on simple things. I know most of the points in my list might seem small and unimportant, but each slowed down my progression or frustrated me a little bit, and when they pile up ... it's a negative memory tied to my time in the game. And sometimes it's information I miss entirely. The whole thing could be so much more fluide to navigate!

Not sure if it will help, there is the list of things I noted :)

Character Creation

First : D&D rules are complex and detailed to create characters.  You did a great job at giving all the information to players! Even though it's hard to explain clearly, especially to someone who doesn't know them at all.

 - Many buttons hidden in the middle of information on the right panel (female / male, alignment choice, equipment choice, ...). Their look is inconsistent (some are orange, some are not), their placement is inconsistent. I needed to actively look for them, and some I actually missed and came back to find (equipement choice, alignment choice). I expected : left = quick summary of character, middle = place to make choices, right = detailed informations. But there are a lot of choices to make on the right panel.

 - Wizard clothes : Weird that the wizard seems to be in random clothes and not a wizard's dress or something. Also surprising: it's the only class that changes outfit when you choose backgrounds.

 - Division of information between left & right panel. Some choices impacts both stats (left) and other information (right). It's hard to read and follow. I had to switch back and forth between classes to see what changed.

 - Personnality flags :
- There is no indication about what they will impact during the game.
- The left panel lists my personnality flags, but only 4 of them. I'm not sure if I have more than 4 flags, but they are hidden, or I'm limited to 4?
- Some flags come from unknown decision (casual?). 

 - Proficiency / Skill choices :
- Didn't understand right away how many points to spend : I was looking for this info in the center, not on the right. Right is the last place people look at in general.=
- I'm not versed in D&D rules and it was hard to understand proficiency. I thought I had to distribute points, but I could only toggle on/off skills and it added +2? I ended up understanding how it worked, by reading the far right corner right when I gave up and went to click on 'Next'. Important information should be at the top, not in the least place we look at.
- Why does it keep scrolling when I click on things. Why!
- As I scrolled, I discovered that I had stats & proficiency at the top. Why is the screen scrolled down by default? I would never guess that there is something above.

 - Appearance
- I LOVE the hairstyles. Ahem.
- I'd love to choose the appearance first. It's more fun to create a character this way, there I spent the whole creation with a character displayed that I didn't like.
- Why so little choices in colors? I could make a blue haired halfling but not brown hair?
- Why are hair/eyes colors tied to races? I'd love more natural colors for halfling hairs and more funky ones for dwarves
- Additional backstory : I accidentaly clicked on the blank space you can fill in. It should have something to show you can write! A frame? a ghost text? anything.

- Name : Although every stepped was properly blocking "Next" if I hadn't finished my choices, you can create a character and never choose their name. That's what I did on my first try, only to find out a random name had been chosen for me. I had to create another, go aaaaaaaaall the way to the end, to notice the field. Why would you fill them out by default? :o   Also, I didn't see them on the first try.

In Game

 - Looting is tedious:
- Please let me double click to place an item in my inventory :'( Besides, it works on coins!
- It's painful to change characters to distribute the loot properly. Most of the time, I move the whole party as a block, and I do not choose who opens a container. But when I click on another character's tab, the loot disappears. I have to close the inventory, choose my other character, and open the loot again to pick up what I want. Then do the same for each characters .... It's not efficient, in a game where we'll be looting a lot and where I want to manage who has what in their inventory!
- Really, if there's one thing in all my list that could make me stop playing this game, it's this one.

It took me a while to find the "close" button in inventory (I used escape for a while). Except for Mac users, the close button (or X) is expected on the top right corner.

- What is the weird blurry top corner? Is what I wondered until some info popped in.

- What is the vertical white bar on characters and ennemies in combat? Seems like a bug.

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2 weeks ago

Thanks for the feedback!