Demo Feedback and Issues

7 months ago (edited)

Played the demo last night. Overall a great job with smooth game play and delivered a solid tabletop experience during combat.

There are a few things that do need to be addressed:


  1. Upper floors on multi level areas can block vision when zooming in to the lower levels. This is mostly an issue when there are more than 2 levels of floors in an area such as the second spider fight.
  2. There is an issue with darkvision. The rogue and the cleric, both of which had darkvision, still had disadvantage when the target wasn't illuminated.
  3. Guiding bolt, on a successful hit, doesn't give advantage on the next attack. Noticed this in the last spider fight where the cleric landed one and my fighter still had disadvantage on the attack. It should have been a straight roll as disadvantage and advantage cancel each other out due to the spell.

Think about  changing it so that once you have cleared out an area you can do a long rest if desired. I know you can do so in the next area but it seems to me that it would make more sense in a cleared area.

When you are fighting an enemy that can retreat to an elevation you can't reach or light (in dark spaces) you have no way to counter the disadvantage. I would suggest adding the fairy fire spell for those situations. 

Overall, a very smooth and enjoyable demo. Very stable and fun to play through.

7 months ago

Hu, funny, came to write a couple of things, and you have both in this! (1 and 3)

I'm very impressed with the demo, if they can keep that story telling throughout the game as well as making the fights interesting, well - this will be a smash hit with the turn-based community!

kNight | Turn-based Youtuber / Streamer

7 months ago

Hi Devs, I agree on what Firecrow was saying about the vision, maybe you should do like what they have done in Xcom: Enemy Unknown.

Over all great game Will give it 7/10 Would give it higher if not for the camera vision being annoying.