Demo Feedback

Level 1
3 months ago

Hello.  I just played the Demo and I loved it.  It feels very true to D&D 5th Edition. Here are some suggestions/observations:

1) Camera Zoom.  Be nice if the camera could zoom closer to the characters.  The intervening terrain from the verticality seems to get in the way alot and it was difficult sometimes to see where I needed to go. Spent more time rotating the camera to get a decent view.

2) Couldn't figure out why my fighter had disadvantage attacking in melee against an orc that was standing right next to him. Not sure if it was a light issue or not.  I would suggest that when mousing over the target and if there is disadvantage, there should be a note explaining why.

3) Is there a way to split stacks of items in Inventory?  I wasn't sure if each character needed to have rations equipped and tried to divide it amongst each party member.  Also wanted to split ammo from bolts and arrow i found in chests.

4) Are the character models in the demo, the final version?  Forgive me, but it looked like everyone got hit by the ugly stick.  I hope these are not the final versions of the faces, as to me it could use some more work and better polish.

5) From what the halfling mentioned about the Deep Spider not liking light, I made sure to cast light spells and torch those flammable piles, but couldn't discern if the deep spiders were actually affected mechanically.  Or maybe that was why most of them stayed on the walls?

6) What was up with those scavengers having those facial tattoos?  They looked evil.  Maybe rework that art decision.

Tactical Myzzrym
Level 14
Tactical Adventures Dev
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3 months ago

Hey there, thanks for the feedback:

  • Zoom is getting added to the game as we speak (not the demo though)
  • Yea that's something we've heard quite a bit, I've submitted it to the team
  • I'll ask about stack splitting! I'm sure we can, but if you couldn't find how it's probably not explained well
  • We're also not quite satisfied with some of the faces, so we're going to take another look at those!
  • Yes, Deep Spiders will try to avoid light. Some will stay on the wall and stare at you from afar, others will rush, attack and run away (taking an attack of opportunity) to avoid staying in the light.
  • Come on, facial tattoos make you look evil? That's a bit biased don't you think? 
Level 1
3 months ago

Regarding the facial tattoos, you have to admit, it was way overdone going for the maximum Edgelord aesthetic.  And considering that both scavengers had them?  Does that mean all scavengers have them?  And why?  I just found it jarring and made them look untrustworthy.  

Level 3
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3 months ago

Judging people on their looks, aren't we?

Honestly the tatoos, while strange, give a strong identity to the scavengers, and I find it actually pretty nice to see people in a video game make use of body art to assert their belonging to a group.

Krisys aka Birb

João Bento
Level 4
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3 months ago (edited)

Not necessarily facial tattoos, but darkening the area around your eyes is typical of anyone exposed to lots of sun - the blood vessels run REALLY close to the skin in that area.

The Badlands so far give a vibe of "sun-blasted, not much cover" so those are actually health measures.

Simon Haldon
Level 4
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3 months ago

So glad zoom is being added. I came back to the demo after playing another game (Pillars of Eternity) and am finding no zoom to be utterly off-putting - I'll need to get back used to it again!

In case you need typos reporting - the text when you hover over a weapon in inventory and it compares to what is current equipped reads "Currently Equiped" instead of "Currently Equipped"

I also found the lack of an 'Outlander', 'Hermit' or similar type background a bit constraining on the character creator.

And I like the Scavengers look!