DEATH in the game makes no sense: (Part 1) : Revivify notification makes no sense

Level 11
1 year ago

One of my characters died.  I was trying to get the one character up who had to Revivify scroll.  We were on round 25.

The character who was down had a "10+" over his character Icon.

"10+" means absolutely nothing to me. I assumed it was how long I had to Revivify the character.

Then suddenly, literally as I healed the character with the scroll of Revivify the game told me I had failed the mission because the character had died longer than allowed for Revivify.

What the _____ does "10+" mean on the character icon? Seriously horrible GUI design on this one.

Level 14
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1 year ago (edited)

Revivify must be cast within a minute of death, so 10 rounds.  The icon should (I mean I agree with you that is should, if it does not) have a red tooltip saying something like "Sorry, this character has been dead for over 10 rounds. You must use Raise Dead instead.".

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