[D&D] Favorite 5e PHB Sub-race vote! Get some XP here!

1 year ago

Dang, I missed the end.  At least mah halflings came through.

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1 year ago

Heck, yeah! Halflings! \o/

Definitely a surprising outcome. The Dwarves and Half-Orcs were so strong until the end.

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7 months ago (edited)

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7 months ago (edited)

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2 weeks ago


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2 weeks ago (edited)

If I understood the results, the Half-Orc was the second last !

I have not seen Half-Orcs in quite a while !  And yes I am looking at you too BG3 :P

nb : yes, I know, it was over 6 months ago... and my timing is perfect (if TA wants to add stuff to Solasta 1 ;) ).

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