Daylight vs. Darkness

Level 13
1 year ago

Latest version of the game.

In the fight with the female vampire (name escapes me), she casts Darkness. (cool... got it)

I counter and cast Daylight on top of the Darkness... and...  nothing happens.   :(

I thought from the Daylight description it removes darkness... or is it only non-magical darkness?   ...which would be a bit disappointing. 


Level 10
1 year ago

5e RAW stated it cancels darkness spells 3rd level or below. So unless Ashka cast her darkness at a higher level, it should be dispelled.

I like you, thought I could dispel her spell with daylight. I think it should be changed.

But then again I also think daylight shouldn’t cause damage to her and her minions since daylight is not considered sunlight. 

Level 11
1 year ago

Apparently in Solasta all light is sunlight. Even the Light and Shine cantrips. Not sure about magic lamps though. Or maybe it's not the light but the abilities that are modified. Maybe enemies' properties specify that they take damage from any light.

Level 14
1 year ago

The Daylight spell used to both dispel the Darkness cast by the vampires and prevent it being put up again, so who knows?

Personally I think that the best way to balance it would be that Daylight and Darkness counter one another, so you can always override it.

Useful combo: Put yourself in a corner and put up Daylight, Spirit Guardians and finally Silence. Darkness is counted as a spell and can't be put up if the vampire can't cast spells. A Wizard, Cleric and Ranger can do this combo, for example.

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