Daylight can be cast in the air, but then falls off

Level 6
2 years ago (edited)

Hi everyone (and hi Myzzrym, love you, you're the best).

Right now it's possible to cast Daylight on a flying creature, but the ball of light falls on the ground after a while (I think at the beginning of the caster's next turn, but I'm not sure). It happened with a level 6 Cleric with the Battle Domain, during the fight at the end of the Wizard's Tower.

EDIT: I was wrong, the ball falls off at the end of the caster's turn in which it was casted. The turn also takes ages to end, and sometimes it doesn't end at all and everyone just stand there staring awkwardly at each other while the flying guy goes "eeek eeek eeek".

Version: 0.4.14 b - Public
Save file (it's the autosave at the beginning of the encounter):