Data Corruption - What to do if you're stuck in Infinite Loading Screens

8 months ago

What simply solved mine is there are two solutions. When I got stuck at LAVA FOREST.

Did the steam verify thing.. no hope.. so..

Lowered all graphics, once I am at the cabin after the battle on the dragon, I saved. Closed my Solasta. Open again, and simply reload the game. Done. It took me back to the map. 2nd, uninstall solasta Steam version, install GOG, get out and save it once you got out where you were stuck and install steam version again. Load the game. Hope it helps. #lennic24

7 months ago

Sup Devs,

I've diabled steam game synch, uninstalled, deleted al files at %appdata%/locallow/tactical adventures, reinstalled the game, verified game files, and it's still stuck at 90%, I cannot get into the game.

I've checked I have windows media player installed, I have up to date drivers (AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT), and I've deleted the cotmintro mp4 file, and renamed it. Hell I even tried disabling all the DLC, no change.

please, let me play the game, help me :( I've got all the DLC and everything


5 months ago

I don't know if this helps anyone, but I experienced the infinite loading screen and was unable to resolve it through any steps I found online.  I had originally purchased the game on Steam however I was able to get a refund there.  From the brief playtime I experienced I was hooked, this game is great, it really scratches that D&D itch that adult life, time constraints, work, etc get in the way of.  I continued to try , even purchasing the game again on dice...infinite loading dice what was I to do...

Que a completely unrelated issue with my PC led to a minor hardware change, since I was messing around I decided to do a complete clean instal of my OS, etc..just tidy things up. :) Also since I have XBox Ultimate for my kiddo's Xbox, I decided to give Solasta another try on the freshly setup PC via gamepass. Well much to my works..flawlessly...

So maybe, just maybe there isn't something wrong with the game if your experiencing the infinite loading screen, maybe just maybe you have some other underlying issues going on, and this is where they are rearing their ugly heads. :)

Good luck and may you roll more 20's thans 1's.

Level 6
3 months ago (edited)

I'm currently experiencing this on the last boss fight. I did everything in OP, but none of it worked. Ugh. Luckily my last autosave wasn't too behind.