Data Corruption - random encounter merged city entry

Level 1
2 years ago

Version 0.4.21

When travelling to Caer Cyflen, I left my laptop for ~1 hour. Upon returning, the game showed the 'press any key to start' screen, and upon doing so then loaded the normal map of the party arriving in the city.

However a random encounter (bandits) overlay appeared and when I clicked on that to start the battle, it went to a loading screen, and after ~20 secs displayed 'error: data corruption' (the loading wheel was still turning but my curser was not visible) []. I then force quit.

Save file is autosave from end of previous travel encounter.

I have 'preserve random seed' enabled.

Upon reloading the game I ran through and the same bandit encounter appeared, and in-game time continued passing [].
Save file from shortly before the bandit encounter appeared:
After 15 mins I stopped waiting and started the encounter, which loaded fine.