Dark vision or lack of it?

4 months ago

I am Loving the game guys, but I find that dark vision just does not work, I have a dwarf, half elf and high elf party and they find it hard to see even 2 cells away? 

Level 10
4 months ago

I have noticed this too, and several others (just see how many posts there are about Lighting). Even if everyone is outfitted with torches, characters with Darkvision still have disadvantage against enemies 3 squares away.

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Level 3
4 months ago

They made is so that races with darkvision now have disadvantage in total darkness instead of low light. Why might you ask because of the human race I don't agree with this if you play humans and you are going dungeon diving then you know you are going to need items like torched. Why penalize other races that have it because of one race? I do not agree with this it takes away one of the main reasons I play these races.

4 months ago

change all races for one race? seems like a strange thing to do..

4 months ago (edited)

It's not just one race, Halflings don't have darkvision either.

You can read devs' reasoning in this thread (short) or this dev diary (long).

Maybe they'll have an option to use default 5e lighting rules on a lower difficulty once they introduce a difficulty system, if enough people ask them.

4 months ago

I still would love the option to use proper 5e lighting rules, but thanks for pointing this out.

Level 1
4 months ago

Although it was a valiant attempt I tend to think unlit mechanic needs to go or at least change (and take away dark vision with it).  To deal with the lightning issue, all your chars are holding lights, then shields are useless and if you are making special char classes just to deal with the light mechanic, ie all or some are a caster to get dancing lights,  it tends to take away from the spirit of the game.  Not every battle has areas for torches to be lite up nor do you want to cast dancing lights all the time.  Even holding a light source doesn't solve the issue if the enemy is some distance away and you can only hit with a ranged weapon/spell.   Perhaps make it a difficulty setting might be the better play.  For a more challenging game, include the mechanic or a option at each difficult setting..ie Play with Unlit Mechanic? Or the other alternative is on Easy/Norm all chars have dark vision regardless of race.... just my 2 cents.