Dark Castle - The Pond

Matt Brown
Level 3
Path of Stone Community Designer
2 years ago

Hi Folks,

Has anyone managed to get across the pond?  And if so, how?




2 years ago

Only before update 0.3.3, but there's is nothing in that container, so I wouldn't worry about it.

Level 3
1 year ago

Only way I found was Levitate + 2x Misty Step, using planar targeting mode to take the first Misty Step to a space above the water. But then you can't get back because you're out of spell slots. If you have one character with Levitate cast it on another with Misty Step, then they can have one 2nd level slot left for the return trip, and you can have them teleport once back into the water, die, and be revivified. I guess another method would be to take the rest of the party somewhere that triggers a cutscene, teleporting the 4th there afterwards?

Seems unlikely any of this is the intended method, however.

There is some good loot in that chest now though. +1 Shield being the big one, I think.

Level 14
1 year ago

good to hear, i tried fly with a couple of misty steps but either the combo with fly does not work or i was trying the wrong path

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