Dark Castle - Talbut the Grey - How to get across the Pond?

Level 5
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2 years ago (edited)

How do you get across the Pond at Talbut the Grey (Dark Castle). it neither does work with "Jump" or with "Fly".

Edit: Seems to be posible with "Misty Step" which my party does not have.

2 years ago

I tried with Misty Step and couldn't find a landing, so didn't work for me.  

Level 5
2 years ago

Misty Step worked at least until the last patch (can't say if that has changed as not playing right now), but the 'container'/tree stump that is there was empty (can't say if that has changed).

Level 2
1 year ago

I just jump using my highest strength and Athletics char, it works. 18 strength, +5 Athletics...

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1 year ago

Misty Step still works.  I was surprised that my high STR character with Athletics could make the leap from the shore of the pond near the back door of the cottage to the other side.  I had thought I had tested that before & couldn’t do it.  The chest is not empty, although I don’t recall now what is in it.

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Level 14
1 year ago

I didn't know Necromancy was so common in Solata. 

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